Tips on Eating Well This Valentine’s Day

We have the tips you need to have a healthier Valentine’s Day for you and your loved one, whether you want to try out your hand as a culinarian or just take a quick trip to your local grocer.


Plan on purchasing your sweets, instead? Remember, all Valentine’s Day candies are not created equal. During this holiday season it is important to be mindful of the fact that some V-day treats have higher sugar content than others. Just follow our our list of the best treats to eat in moderation during this holiday and enjoy a sweet holiday, guilt-free.

youfit chocolate covered strawberries valentine's day healthy treats

Dark chocolate covered strawberries

One of the best treats you could possibly have during this holiday is dark chocolate covered strawberries. Studies show that dark chocolate is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the earth and can improve health and lower the risk of heart disease. Strawberries (also an excellent source of antioxidants) are jam-packed with nutrients like fiber, iodine, and folate.

One piece has about 40 calories and 2 grams of fat. Please note that despite the benefits, chocolate has large amounts of sugar and saturated fat, so it is advised that chocolate covered strawberries are consumed in moderation.

youfit treats chocolate covered almonds

Dark Chocolate covered almonds

Dark chocolate covered almonds also serve as a delicious Valentine’s Day treat and have plenty of health benefits. Almonds are a significant source of protein and fiber, while being low in sugar. The dark chocolate is key because it has significantly fewer calories than milk chocolate. Every ten pieces has about 4 grams of protein, 220 calories, and 13 grams of fat.

youfit treats angel food cake valentine's day

angel food cake

Angel food cake is light, sweet, and best of all, low on calories. This popular dessert is made with egg whites and has no egg yolks or butter in the recipe, so the cake contains no fat. Berries go extremely well with angel food cake and will undoubtedly improve the dish’s nutritional content. If you like baking, consider following this healthy angel food cake recipe.

youfit treats valentine's day peanut m&ms

peanut m&ms

Despite the high-calorie content in these candies (250 per serving), peanut M&Ms are considered a healthier alternative to other popular sweets because of their high protein content. With 5 grams of protein per serving, it won’t take much to satisfy your hunger. It is recommended to portion ahead of time in order to prevent over indulgence and consuming too many calories.


**As a reminder, please take into account any food allergies you may have when following our suggested recipes. Please eliminate or replace ingredient accordingly.