Holiday Gift Guide

Look good, feel good. Feel good, do even better! (We’re still working on the slogan). But no matter the catch phrase, you’ll probably agree that when you’re rocking the right gear – whether at home, at work or at the gym – you tend to feel a little better about yourself, and your performance tends to improve too.

Could you crush it at the gym in a ratty t-shirt and paint-stained sweatpants? Sure. But we’re confident you’ll feel better and perform better in something that makes you feel your best. And with the final holiday shopping crunch now upon us, we think the Youfit store is worth a look. Here:

Here’s the good news (beyond the fact that we’ve got awesome yoga mats, pullovers, socks and tshirts): We’re offering free shipping on orders above $20. So yes, you’ll get it in time for the big holiday reveal.

But if you’re not exactly sure what to get, well, we picked out a few of our favorites to maybe make your life easier.

Argyle socks: Socks are the most unoriginal gift most of the time. But not these eye-catching beauties! Bold green and purple, classic styling, and only $7.00? We know what you’re thinking – yes, it’s fine to buy a pair for every day of the week.

The Youfitter shirt: Moisture wicking fabric, long sleeves for the cooler days, and a simple, classy look. Want it in white, black or gray? Great. Those are the three colors it comes in. And it’s just $19.60! You’re welcome, wallet (and Uncle Rob).

Yoga mat: Yogana love this one! (See what we did there?). This is a standard-sized yoga mat in either purple or green, and it comes with a black nylon mesh carrying case with the YF logo across the front. Classy and classic. I can see you sweating all over it already! Just $21.99. And boom, we’re all done with Jenny’s gift (Jenny your cousin, Jenny your BFF, whomever!)

Of course, the Youfit Store has much more, and you can shop it here: But hey, don’t think you have to buy things for everyone else. You can, of course, but have you had your eyes on some new gear too? Yeah, you deserve it too.