Holiday Survival Guide

The truth is that holidays tend to be absolutely insane at times. Aunt Mildred, who always loved pumpkin pie, is warning you that she won’t touch it this year at Thanksgiving, let alone have it in her sight. Meanwhile, cousin Joey and his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Rhia, are messing up your headcount for Christmas on a near-daily basis because they’re not sure they’re together anymore (update: they’re back together…for now).

And would it be okay if your nephew, Preston, didn’t eat any of the food, but brought his own container of mac and cheese with a side of pudding because it’s all he’ll eat without crying?

Ugh. You know what you need? Us. And we don’t mean that in a self-important way. We’re just saying that utilizing the 30 minute express circuit is wayyyy better for your health than burying the stress. Don’t just fight the crazies – survive ‘em and thrive ‘em. Plus, it’s better than tossing out the turkey and telling the family they can order whatever is on the breakfast menu at Denny’s, take it or leave it.

Granted, getting through the holidays isn’t always about beating major stresses. In fact, most holiday stresses are simpler, but they’re just coming in at a greater frequency. And at times, a good workout might be all it takes to clear your head and get a fresh start. And there are some great ways to do that. Wear your leggings underneath your jeans, anyone?

Stress eating is another obstacle to lookout for. Or heck, even just struggling with making good choices when every day seems to be another get-together. Your solve? Meal prep. You put in one good afternoon of work and you eat for days at a time as a result. Proper portions? Managed. Temptations? Averted.

And then of course, there’s our YouCoaches. If you’re tired of making all the decisions for everyone else and wish someone else would do the thinking and planning for once, let go and get the benefits of a great workout without nary a thought about how to get it done. Your customized one-on-one training plan will ease the stress of putting together your workout plan yourself, score!

Click here to learn more: And know that on any day – even during the holidays – we’re here to help keep you on track.