How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2016

The most popular New Year’s resolution of 2015 was to lose weight. However, only about 8% of the 45% of Americans who set resolutions successfully achieved the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the year. The cause of this disparity is inconclusive, but I think we can all agree that many factors are at play in preventing people from following through. All hope hasn’t been lost, though. With a little guidance, planning and self-discipline, achieving all your New Year’s resolutions can be well within reach. Here’s how to achieve your fitness goals:

Establish Goals.

First and foremost, establish goals that excite you and make you want to be that better person. Once you decide what you are passionate about, make sure your goals are specific and measureable. For example, do not settle for a vague goal like “lose weight.” Consider how many pounds you want to lose and what parts of the body you want to target. Maybe instead of a specific weight loss number, you are looking to cut out a specific food from your diet for the year. It also helps to visualize your goals on a bigger scale: What about after 2016? Does your weight loss goal fit into the long-term lifestyle you are hoping to achieve? It’s important to remember that once you shed the pounds, you need to keep them off!

Write Them Down.

After you know exactly what you want to accomplish and when, write it down. Physically jotting down your goals will help make them real; view this as the official beginning of your journey!

Break Them Up.

Once you have your goals finalized and written down, decide how and when you will accomplish each throughout the year. Focus on one goal at a time, and fragment each specific goal into smaller, more palatable feats that can be accomplished according to a pre-set timeline. Achieving smaller goals in lieu of one large one will help you gain confidence and make reaching the final goal seem less intimidating.

Make A List.

Now that you have a solid plan in place, you need to follow through with the legwork. Executing goals on a tight schedule may seem daunting, so implementing proper time-management skills is essential. You don’t need to be an organizing king or queen to keep your goals in line; all it takes is a little self-discipline. The best way to prioritize is to make a daily list of projects you would most like to accomplish by the end of the day. You’ll be amazed at the number of meaningful changes you can make in your life just by compiling a task list and referring to it frequently. When it comes to making decisions throughout your day, it’s important to identify the important versus the urgent. Often times, the “urgent” pops into your day, deterring you from the daily disciplines that will help you achieve your goals. Remember, you are in control of your day.

Tell Your Friends.

Another surefire way to accomplish your goals is to tell your friends about them. You will be surprised by how many people in your network are willing to support you and provide valuable encouragement. And, who knows, maybe you will get lucky and recruit a partner to join you on your journey.

Start Right Now.

Finally, one of the most necessary steps in reaching your New Year’s goals is to create momentum. To do this, start right now. There will no doubt be setbacks and adversity along the way that may make your goals seem impossible to achieve. But with enough passion and momentum, you can do anything you put your mind to. After all, a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.