How to Make a Lifestyle, Not a Resolution

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It’s as if the moment the clock strikes midnight, our bad habits fly out the window and our goals of a healthy transformation flood our minds. New Year’s resolutions should last a lifetime, or at least for the entire year that we commit to our new, positive intentions. But let’s be honest; around March if not sooner, life happens, and we say goodbye to our fleeting resolutions.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however. It’s time we flip the concept of New Year’s resolutions on its head and enter the New Year with a ‘lifestyle’ mindset. We want these positive habits to last, so why not make them a priority and take action to ensure their endurance?

Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure your resolution turns into a long-lasting lifestyle.

Accountability is key.

Imagine having a workout class scheduled tomorrow morning. Nobody was able to come with you, so you’re on your own. Your alarm clock blares at 5:00 a.m., you can hardly open your eyes, and the idea of staying in your cozy bed trumps the thought of lacing up your sneakers and sweating profusely on a stationary bike. “I’ll just workout after work”, you tell yourself.

On the other hand, maybe you gathered a group of co-workers to join you in your morning sweat session. That 5:00 a.m. alarm goes off and you remember Jackie, Kelly and Morgan are counting on you to show up. You force yourself out of bed and make it to spin class just in time.

Having a group or at least a partner to hold you accountable to your fitness routine is helpful to developing a healthy lifestyle. Knowing that someone is counting on you motivates you, whether consciously or subconsciously, to pull through with your commitments. Not to mention, it’s much more fun enduring burpees when your friend is right next to you, right?

Look at workouts like business meetings.

You wouldn’t cancel a business meeting because you were tired, right? Switch your mindset from looking at workouts as optional to looking at them as something that is woven into your schedule that can’t be canceled. Take it one step further by adding your fitness classes or gym workouts to your calendar. Planning a workout with a group? Use Google Calendar and invite them to the event. Email reminders will keep your sweat session top of mind.

On top of using your digital calendar, it helps to write down these “business meetings” with yourself in a planner or tangible calendar. You are making a physical commitment by writing them down and will be more likely to follow through with your goals.

Use motivation reminders.

Think about where your mind is often occupied. We all look at our phones probably more than we’d like to admit, so why not utilize that time and space to remind yourself to keep going? Here are a few places you can fill with inspiration:

  • Your cell phone wallpaper – Find an image or quote ‘poster’ on Pinterest that inspires you. Every time you check your phone, you’ll be reminded of your goals.
  • Your iPhone alarm clock – Did you know that you can add phrases to your iPhone alarm clocks? Here’s how to do it: tap the ‘clock’ application > alarm > edit > choose an alarm > label > add in your favorite motivational quote > back > save.
  • Social media – Look at who you are following on your social media accounts. Are you following anyone that inspires you to be your best? While you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, scrolling through your Instagram, there’s a chance for you to weave some inspiration into your day.

Start small.

The key to making any lifestyle change is to set reasonable goals. It’s all about the baby steps because lifestyle changes should be a marathon, not a sprint. Instead of setting a goal like “workout five times a week”, perhaps start with two times a week or every Monday. Once you have made those a habit, expand from that base to continue to establish those changes into your everyday routine.

Overall, making a lifestyle out of a resolution is about forming habits and being mindful of the way you interact with your goals. This year, instead of creating your New Year’s goals with a resolution mindset, think of them as big picture lifestyle changes. Take these tips and put them into action – we believe in YOU!

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