How To Stay in Shape on Vacation

As summer quickly approaches, our minds begin drifting toward vacation plans with our friends and family. But just because we’re taking a break from work or school doesn’t mean that the same needs to happen when it comes to our fitness routines. According to a study by the Journal of Applied Physiology, easing up on your normal workout routine for just two weeks can lead to a significant reduction in cardiovascular fitness, lean muscle mass and insulin sensitivity.

So how can you stay in shape on vacation? Check out our tips below.


Incorporate movement into your day.

It’s actually easier to stay fit while on vacation than at home, simply because you have the opportunity to do tons of walking. We recommend booking a hotel within walking distance of your destination. Or incorporate activities into your itinerary that require some sort of movement. Walking or biking tours are a great way to get extra steps in your day and allow you to get a better feel for the local life.


Book a hotel with a gym.

As per the advice of our CEO and Founder Rick Berks, the best way to stay in shape while you travel is to book a hotel that has a gym or has a contract with a fitness center. Or, find a nearby fitness club that your home gym has a reciprocal agreement with. Are gym prospects looking bleak? There are plenty of body weight exercises and warm-ups you can do that are effective and only require an open space.


Aim to do 50% of your normal routine.

The most reasonable goal to have while you travel is to maintain your fitness on vacation rather than working to increase it. We recommend doing 50% of your normal fitness routine. This allows for flexibility and attainable goals. The last thing you want to do is feel guilty during your time away.


Consume in moderation.

Calories collect quickly when you’re having fun, so try to be aware of how much you are consuming. We recommend keeping your fridge stocked with water and portable, healthy snacks that you can munch on when you get hungry. Ask your concierge about the best local markets so you can take advantage of your destination’s fresh, local produce instead of dining on dishes that may contain hidden fats and sugars.

Hiking in Boulder, CO

Be careful.

While walking or running alone in any unfamiliar place, be cautious. Avoid bringing your wallet or anything that is of value. If you’re wearing headphones or earbuds, keep your music low so that you can hear your surroundings. And finally, avoid overexertion in a climate that’s warmer, more humid or has a higher altitude than yours by gradually increasing your physical activity each day.


And don’t forget to have fun!

Most important, vacation should be fun! Get your daily dose of Vitamin D (just don’t forget the sunscreen). Laugh plenty with your friends and family. And enjoy some time to unwind, which can help your mental health. After all, what good is a vacation without a little quality relaxation?