How to Unwind After a Workout

We get it. Sometimes you’ve had a long day and debate squeezing in that workout. It usually goes like this – you dread working out, but once you step inside Youfit, you get that rush of adrenaline that reminds you why you remain consistent and persistent with your goals. Tired? Not anymore! With this energy rush, you wonder if you will be able to wind down before bed. How, exactly, should you spend the next few hours after your workout? After all, they play a large role in how well you sleep later on. Take a peek at some of our best practices for relaxing after a workout!


Warm Up

Taking a hot bath or shower before bed is a great way to increase relaxation. Studies show that the rapid cool down period after raising your temperature in a hot bath can actually relax you and improve sleep quality. Just take a 10 to 20 minute bath a few hours before bed to help kiss post-workout insomnia goodbye.

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Skip That Late Night HIIT

Sometimes your day is nonstop. On those days, your only option may be to get a late night workout in. In order to avoid a restless night after your workout, lessen the intensity and go with a low-impact workout. YouGX Yoga classes, available at select locations, are the perfect opportunity to engage in poses and slow movements that will be better at putting you to sleep later than any intense exercise could.


Making sure you are refueling properly is key to getting a good night’s rest post-workout. Eating a light snack with a combination of carbs and proteins before bed is your best bet to getting to sleep in a timely fashion.


Massage Chairs, Anyone?

One of our favorite ways to unwind after a tough workout is by getting a massage. Massages are known to treat anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. Plus, they feel amazing. As a LimeCard member, you have unlimited access to our massage beds and chairs, which are offered at select locations*. After utilizing our state-of-the-art massage lounge, an evening working will likely pose no threat to your sleep schedule.

When your workouts are more difficult than usual, that is a good sign that you are challenging yourself so you don’t plateau. Though we support going all out at the gym, we recommend doing so in moderation. Achieving a balance between restfulness and fitness is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

*= Youfit is currently in the process of rolling out this amenity at select locations.