Improve Your Endurance with These Workouts

By now you may have noticed that incorporating fitness as part of your weekly routine has become the norm! Huzzah to YOU for developing true, sustainable habits. No matter how close you are to genuinely making it a regular practice, the reality is that you’re now further along than when you started.

Have you ever felt the need to improve your endurance, either just to have more energy while playing with the kids or even to be able to finish that last little bit of yard work before the end of the day? You have signed up for your gym membership, you see all the equipment, the different techniques being utilized, and each seem to have a specific benefit, but how can they be implemented to improve endurance?  Here are some key elements to focus on to start your journey (or change up our current one) along the right path.

Endurance is defined as the power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. With that idea in mind, now we shall dive into how to accomplish the ability to endure. Most people think of cardio immediately when attempting to plan for an endurance program. Yet the reality is that strength and resistance training combined with cardio is truly the most effective way to achieve your goal. It goes even further than that! Not only should you combine your strength and cardio training, but also limit your rest between sets. Instead, push until there is physically no more to give!  Then rest and GO AGAIN!

Most of the individuals you see in the gym will focus on isolation work, regardless of what the goal is. From what I’ve seen around the gym, most folks are comfortable working solely upon one muscle group a day. However, in order to truly improve your endurance, try to implement as many muscle groups as possible! Meaning, create hybrid movements. As much as your workouts are on your program and your body, understand that what may have worked for the guy on the late night infomercial, may not be the same level of intensity or movements to help you reach your own goals!

Though many people hate to jump, and perhaps have not done it since high school gym class, one of the most effective movements for endurance training is, and perhaps always will be… jumping, the most explosive movement available to mankind. Explosive movements are a must when developing endurance. As much as these areas need to be a focus, there is one aspect that must never become constant – your routine!  In order to truly adapt your body for endurance, your routine must constantly change, adapt and build to subject the body to more and more demands.

Lastly, implementing fast paced high intensity lifts (through safe practices) to the rest of these recommendations will improve your overall endurance, perhaps giving you the extra little edge you needed for a Countdown to Change challenge (hint, hint)! Below you will find an example of an AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible. This is generally ideal when time can be a factor. Keep in mind time is 30 minutes in this example:


Movement Sets Reps Rest
Box Jump AMRAP 15 N/A
Push-up AMRAP 15 N/A
Pull-up AMRAP 15 N/A
Lateral Step Ups AMRAP 15 N/A
Dumbbell Deadlift AMRAP 15 60 Sec


Now, an ideal program which allows for more complex movements would look similar to:


Movement Warmup Sets Reps Rest
Reverse Lunge to Overhead Press 2×12 3 10-15 30sec
Jump Squat 3 10-15 30sec
Romanian Deadlift to Bent Over Row 2×8 4 4-8 30sec
Bench Press 4 4-8 30sec
Pull-up 4 4-8 30sec
Hanging Knee Raise 3 15-20 30sec
Decline Crunch 3 15-20 30sec


Keep in mind, you could easily superset any of the movements to increase your adaptation and endurance. Hope this helps, and hope that through proper training and development, your endurance programs will continue to allow you to grow and reach your goals. Looking for even more personalized motivation? Speak with any member of your club’s friendly team staff about one-on-one personal training with a certified YouCoach today!

Steven Davis

Steven Davis, Master YouCoach, Youfit Kennesaw - Cherokee Street Steven Davis is officially recognized and accredited with certifications in ISSA Level 1 CPT and CrossFit Lvl 1 CPT. He is currently completing his Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. His fitness specialties include maximizing range of motion and mobility, increasing strength and endurance, weight loss, as well as increasing muscle and strength. Steven’s passion for personal training came from learning to overcome his own personal challenges and injuries. My favorite exercise to perform is the squat, and all its many variations. His philosophy? Fitness and a healthy lifestyle should best be viewed as preventive medicine.