Introducing Fitness Genes!

A lot of us ask ourselves “how do I get healthy?” or “what diets or exercise work best for me”? As we are all different, it’s important to know our bodies and what makes us so unique. To answer these questions and help provide some insight we’ve teamed up with Fitness Genes to get the scoop on genetic testing! Here’s what Dr. Dan Reardon, Founder and CEO of FitnessGenes had to say:

What are genes and why do they have such a powerful effect on how our body responds to diet and exercise?

“DNA forms the building blocks of life. It carries your genetic code from your parents down to you. If DNA is the “recipe book” of genetic information, your genes are the “individual recipes” leading to the formation of proteins. Proteins in the human body drive everything.”

Who are the best candidates for genetic testing?

“FitnessGenes DNA Testing is for everyone! If a consumer is looking for fitness and nutrition advice, they are faced with too many choices and too much conflicting information, guess work, and failure. Genetic testing itself does fix the problem of people guessing (mostly incorrectly), getting frustrated by their failures, and then simply giving up on the hope of achieving a healthy, sustainable, and desirable body composition and physique.”

How does FitnessGenes work?

“It’s easy! A Youfit customer simply needs to spit into one of our special saliva collection tubes, register, and complete a lifestyle survey. Saliva contains cheek cells, and we extract DNA from these cheek cells. We make our personalized diet and exercise recommendations based on their DNA, the results of their lifestyle survey, and our peer-reviewed research process.”

What are some of the most significant genes relating to fat loss, and how do they impact your recommendations?

“One of the genes influencing our nutrition plans is the FTO gene, which is associated with obesity, physiological processes, and eating behavior. If you carry the FTO variation there are a number of interventions that we can take to maximize your chances of sustainably losing weight.”

What are some of the most significant genes relating to building lean muscle, and how do they impact how we should train?

“There are so many things to consider in building muscle, such as strength, time under tension, metabolic stresses, recovery, etc. Genetics plays a significant role in many of these factors and understanding how genes work individually and collectively. Some people respond to very high-volume training whereas others absolutely do not. These outcomes are predictable based on genetics. Some people require a high frequency of training to grow, whereas others are completely the opposite and require lots of rest. Even training splits can be defined through people’s genetics.”

Isn’t it too early in genetic science to make accurate predictions?

“One of the things that makes FitnessGenes superior as a service is that we are continually updating our research for all our members, so if you take the test now and we discover something in 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years from now, your personalized results and actionable advice will be updated to reflect the latest research.”

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This post was brought to you by Dr. Dan Reardon, the Founder and CEO of FitnessGenes.