July Workout of the Month

This post is brought to you by Raphael Konforti, the Fitness Education Coordinator for Youfit.

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If you are unsure how to perform each exercise, check out our how-to below! Pro tip: You may choose to keep these movements low impact on the ground or up the intensity by adding in small hops with each repetition.

Ice Skater


Start standing up straight, then hop from each leg side to side, while bending the knee slightly. It should resemble ice skating.

Criss Cross Jumping Jacks


This move is similar to jumping jacks, but criss-crossing a different leg in front of the other with each jump.



Step back with one leg lowering the knee towards the ground, drive the back knee up while moving the arms and legs in opposition.  Perform all reps on one leg before switching sides.

Side to Side Butt Kicks


Stand up straight with the knees close together. Bend the left knee and the left leg behind you so it touches the glute, return that leg to the floor and alternate sides.

Standing Russian Twist


Hold your arms in front of you as if grasping something (you may use a dumbbell or medicine ball for this exercise). Without dropping your arms, pivot on your right foot and rotate your torso as far as you can to the left. Alternate sides.

Cross Body Elbow to Knee Touch


Stand up straight with your feet slightly together. Bring your left elbow  across your body while bringing your right knee in toward your left shoulder at the same time. Reach with your elbow and try to touch your knee. Alternate sides.

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Raphael Konforti is the Fitness Education Coordinator for Youfit.  He has a Masters of Exercise Science and has worked in many different areas of fitness including collegiate recreation, international resorts and fitness publishing.  Aside from the gym, he loves spending his time active and outdoors going surfing, diving, hiking, practicing yoga or pushing cars down the street.