Health Benefits of Kombucha

Mmm, kombucha. Pop open this beverage (slowly, after shaking) and you’ll immediately notice the slight vinegar scent and light fizz from carbonation. Upon first sip, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the subtle sweetness and refreshing quality of the drink. If you’ve never had it before, surely you are missing out.

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So what is this delightful refreshment, exactly? Kombucha is a fermented beverage produced from a mixture of steeped tea and sugar combined with a culture of yeast strains and bacteria, and it’s typically available at any local grocery store. Surprisingly delicious and fun to drink, this special tea was used 2,000 years ago in Asia as an immortal health elixir thanks to its claimed life-sustaining properties, such as mental clarity and detoxification.

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What makes kombucha so unique is the way it’s prepared. In its production, kombucha is created by a culture mass called a symbiotic colony of healthy bacteria, or SCOBY, for short. The SCOBY produces various aids for the human body like probiotics, malic acid, amino acids, oxalic acid, nucleic acid and enzymes. These acids and healthy bacteria are vital for gut health, cellular activity and fighting off infections.


Though therapeutic benefits have been attributed to this beverage, to this date there are no peer-reviewed scientific studies that back up specific kombucha health benefits. Despite the lack of evidence on the health benefits of kombucha, fitness enthusiasts, yogis and many others enjoy the low-calorie beverage when they can. We personally love this drink in the mornings or before a workout at Youfit.


Most grocery stores sell kombucha, but you also can create your own kombucha as a fun DIY project on a lazy Sunday.