Learning How To ‘Gym’

If you’ve ever been on a first date, you know the jitters that come with it. Sure, most first dates are for coffee or dinner—things that we all do quite frequently. But somehow, when you call it a ‘date,’ all logic goes out the window. What am I supposed to wear? What am I supposed to order? If I wear white, does that mean I can’t get pasta with red sauce? Ahh!

And of course, if it were just another day, you’d show up in whatever you had on, order whatever you’ve had a craving for, and that would be that. The same conundrum is one that often faces first-time gym goers. We get these questions from new members quite often, in fact. “Okay great, now that I’m signed up…what do I do? Like, what do I wear, and what do I do if I sweat on something?”

You might laugh if A) You never considered these fears before or B) You’ve had these same concerns and wished someone had been there to talk you through them. The good news is, these are normal questions—and they have answers. Here are a few:

What am I supposed to do about clothes? This actually requires a fair amount of planning. If you’re coming first thing in the morning, for example, you’ll probably show up in your gym clothes, then change into your work clothes after. So there are some things you’ll need. A towel, a change of clothes (don’t forget undies and socks), and the rest of your outfit, plus your shoes. Don’t forget your toiletries and deodorant! Easy enough, right? Well, not entirely. Remember to bring a bag for your sweaty post-workout clothes, too. If you’re coming after work, things tend to be a bit easier, but go through that checklist again just in case.

Do I have to bring anything? You might think that everyone at the gym has three different supplements, a water bottle, a shaker bottle, headphones, fancy stretch bands and heart rate monitors. The truth is, most folks need far less for a great workout. Our take? Bring water, a hand towel to use during your workout, gym shoes and a good, positive attitude. (And sure, bring some of the extras if it helps).

Anything else I should know? It helps to have the proper fuel, and we’re not talking about your car (but please, don’t run out of gas on your way!). Instead, we’re talking about food. Make sure you’ve got some food in your system. Not too much, but enough where you’re satisfied and not coming in feeling weak – a banana is a great grab and go treat. Stay well hydrated, too. Oh, and when it comes down to questions about how to use equipment, or proper form, please ask a Youfit team member – such as our certified YouCoach personal trainers! That’s why we’re here.

Feeling a little more prepared for your big debut? You’re just one step away from entering your new comfort zone. And we’re here to help you do it. Whether you come by for 10 minutes or 2 hours, every visit is a victory! For an extra boost, plan out your workout by looking at our YouGX class schedule here: https://www.youfit.com/yougx-schedules