Make a Friend Day

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other’s gold!” Elementary school kids all across America used to (maybe they still do?) sing that refrain to one another when starting a new grade. New faces, new friends. A lot of new feelings.

Well, we’re back to that same, friendly refrain ahead of Make a Friend Day, which falls on February 11! Making new friends isn’t just for kids, you know. In fact, as we get older and our peer-to-peer interactions seem fewer and farther between, it’s helpful – nay, it’s crucial! – to extend our peer networks. Especially in the areas where we share common goals and interests, like (shameless plug coming up) at Youfit!

I mean, we’re all in it together. We’re at the gym, trying to achieve a goal that matters to us. Maybe it’s working on our cardio health to keep our hearts strong, or doing some weight lifting circuit training to keep our muscles firm and strong. Or maybe it’s to help relieve stress. Regardless of your goal, chances are someone else at the gym has a similar goal to yours. And you might just have a better chance of reaching it – and finding some new friends along the way – if you get out there and make it happen!

Gym friends are great for doing Youfit express circuit training with. A little friendly competition, if you will, or some friendly encouragement on the days you “literally can’t even.” Boot camps? Same deal. And you could even make a routine out of it. Here’s how:

YOU: “Hey, treadmill stranger who I see here every day. I’m (YOU). What’s your name?”

THEM: “Hey other treadmill stranger, I’m (THEM). I see you here all the time, and you always have the hottest Youfit t-shirts on. I want to be your friend and workout with you because we’re always at the gym at the same time.”

YOU: “Awesome, you saved me the trouble of even having to ask. I love Make a Friend Day!”

And there you have it. You could even get a YouCoach together and be instant BFFs. Hey, crazier things have happened. Got a friend you already know you’d love to work with? Even better. Get them a FREE day pass.