Meet Our Team Member: Kevon White

Youfit Fitness Director Kevon White raises the standard for what it means to be “resilient,” given his life’s journey. His awe inspiring testimony of determination, transformation and focus makes him a great leader for the Youfit team and a positive role model in his community.

Kevon White

Kevon developed a lifestyle of grit at a young age, using weight lifting and football as outlets for dealing with stress and difficult times in his life. To this day, he reflects on those moments to remind himself that, “I’m fighting for the young boys and girls like me.” Kevon’s constructive outlook on life has drawn the attention of his peers and clients alike, who celebrate him and even turn to him for mentorship as a life coach outside of fitness.

From the mind to the body, Kevon is an avid supporter of change and its importance in life. In pursuit of NFL dreams he sustained a knee injury and kidney failure which caused him to shift his focus toward a career as a personal trainer. Kevon not only motivates his clients by sharing his story, but he also encourages them to view their sessions with him as part of a “transformational” process from the inside out. His favorite quote to encourage others is, “we must act our way into feeling.” Kevon explains that sometimes our minds can work against our efforts to get healthy, finish a project, or make any change in our routine lifestyle. “It’s important that we focus on the action for whatever task is at hand so we can achieve our goals.”

Kevon has set a number of goals for himself since joining the Youfit team. He has dreams of launching a podcast to discuss health and fitness, and hopes to one day become a “transformational” speaker and life coach. Kevon also dreams of being a contestant on American Ninja Warrior, and has already submitted his audition tape for this season!

When he’s not at Youfit, you can catch Kevon doing yoga at home or rocking out on his guitar singing his favorite tunes. We’re proud to have awesome people like Kevon to represent #TeamYoufit!

Keep up the amazing work, Kevon!

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