Meet The YouGX Regional Directors!

You know and love your YouGX Regional Director. But do YOU really know them? Find out information that you probably didn’t know about them before and get to know the team!

Krystal Campi is a Regional Director at our West Palm Beach, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Virginia clubs!

Krystal Campi is a Regional Director at our West Palm Beach, Tampa, Tallahassee, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Virginia clubs!

Nancy Costen is a Regional Director at our South Florida and Orlando clubs!

Nancy Costen is a Regional Director at our South Florida, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Tampa clubs!

Linda Pyeatt is a Regional Director at our Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, and Texas clubs!

Linda Pyeatt is a Regional Director at our Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, and Texas clubs!

1. What encouraged you to become a fitness instructor? 

Krystal: “I wanted to set a great example for my children, so I was on my own fitness journey and began taking a couple Zumba classes a week. The instructor recognized I had a dance background and encouraged me to get certified.”

Nancy: “It’s been something I started doing and have loved doing since I was in high school. I have vowed to keep a healthy lifestyle and set that example for my children.”

Linda: “I first started going to the gym when I began to lose weight, and honestly, I was too embarrassed to use the machines because I had no idea what I was doing on them. I started taking the classes, like Zumba, step and cycle, and found that it was much more fun to work out with a group than by yourself. It just became a passion of mine and I found that I was also able to help others along the way.”

2. What is your favorite exercise?

Krystal: “Anything Dance! I love to Dance, so Zumba or MIXXEDFIT.”

Nancy: “I was in the military and stationed in Arizona for quite some time, so my go-to would always be heading outside to hike or bike. I also run a lot – my girlfriends and I always try to meet up in different places and sign up for races. It’s a great excuse to get together and stay active!”

Linda: “I love using weights, but I also love my body weight during exercises, whether it’s doing push ups, planks – it’s easy to measure your progress. I run a lot of marathons, but I’m currently training for my first Ironman, so cycling has become a fun workout for me, too.”

3. What are your favorite benefits from exercise?

Krystal: “Working out is my stress relief and my “me” time. I also love that I have been able to motivate others through my journey.”

Nancy: “Not feeling guilty for eating whatever I want! I love to eat and I’m always thinking about food, so I know I need to exercise to balance everything out.”

Linda: “The weight loss is great, but exercise has improved me mentally as much as it has physically. I suffered from depression and once I started exercising every day, eating healthy and feeling good, it just went away.”

4. What is your favorite class you’ve ever taught?

Krystal: “I used to teach RIO – Real Intense Outcome. It’s an intense Latin Impact Dance Workout to Brazilian & Latin Fusion.”

Nancy: “My very first teaching experience was the Reebok STEP class when it first came out, so I really like STEP, but I love cycle – cycle is one of my favorites.”

Linda: “I think it would have to be yoga, as well as Total Sculpt. It’s a weight class that Youfit has that involves no cardio, just weights.”

5. Do you have any advice for someone who is on his or her own fitness journey?

Krystal: “Remember why you started! The foods we LOVE often don’t love us and they can make us feel bad about ourselves. Find ways to enjoy the food you love but in a healthy way. Also, find group fitness classes you love. Because, honestly, we don’t know enough at the beginning to deliver the results we want. Group classes will not only keep you motivated but you will learn how to do great exercises correctly and can later implement them into your own routine.”

Nancy: “Be honest with yourself, find what motivates you and do what makes you happy. If going to the gym to be around other people is it, that’s great. If you want to workout alone, that’s fine too! We all have different motivators and when we find them, it’s easier to stick to them.”

Linda: “Don’t be discouraged, because it takes time for your healthy lifestyle to show results – you didn’t gain weight overnight, so you have to remember that you’re not going to lose it overnight either. Also, be active! Do something every day, even if it’s just going for a walk.”

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