Get To Know Ron Merryman: Youfit’s Director of Education

As Youfit’s Director of Education, you may be wondering who I am and what I do. Let’s take it back to 1998, when my career in the fitness industry began. I first got around the fitness industry when I worked as a front desk attendant for a racquet club in Cambridge, MA, nearby to my hometown of Boston. Fast forward a couple of years, and I formally began my personal training career in 2000 after I got certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). 

Fast forward a few more years, 16 to be exact, a lot of education, a couple of companies, a business ownership, about 1,500 miles and here we are! I’m truly passionate about education and being as efficient as possible in just about all things. I began teaching in 2011 and education has become a part of my life both as a teacher and as a student. In addition to Youfit, I am a Professor at Concordia University Chicago in the Applied Exercise Science Masters Degree program. I also serve as a Master Instructor for NASM (the company that served as the launching pad to my career) teaching their education live all over the nation.

I’m passionate about sharing things with others that helps eliminate any guesswork and confusion, whether that’s with our YouCoach staff or you! With all the information that is available on the internet today, it is hard to decipher between what is actually research based information versus just the fluff and noise. Through this, I hope we can have some fun together and learn some pretty wild stuff about a natural resource we all have just one of: The body.  See you on the blog!

Ron Merryman
Director of Education – Youfit

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