Member Spotlight: Jodi Fee

Jodi Fee, member at Youfit Sarasota Tuttle, announced on Facebook today that she lost 81 pounds, thanks to the help of her Youfit family. But truly, it was her unwavering will power that gave her the momentum to successfully achieve her goals.

Jodi started working out at Youfit once she hit her highest weight and realized she needed to make a change. Thanks to endless YouGX classes and a drastic change to her diet, she was able to make great progress in achieving her goal. Jessica, the Manager at Youfit Sarasota-Tuttle said that Jodi would check-in up to 5 times a week.

Unexpectedly, in the height of her journey, Jodi was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy,¬†where she developed a weakness of the muscles in her face. Bell’s Palsy or not, Jodi was determined to finish what she started and come out strong. So, she continued her journey full-force.

When talking about Jodi, the Youfit staff would describe her as unstoppable. “She comes in and just gets it done,” Jessica said.


Thank you, Jodi, for giving us the inspiration and motivation to meet our own personal goals!

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