Member Spotlight: Luis Trigo

Luis Trigo, a member at Youfit Norcross, shared that he has reached a whopping 245 pounds milestone in his weight loss journey! In his recent feature in Men’s Health Magazine, he notes his highs and lows on the road to transforming his lifestyle to one that is happier and healthier.

Luis Trigo 2

Luis began his fitness journey weighing 400 pounds, resulting from years of unhealthy habits and battles with depression that caused him to binge eat. His life was forever changed after realizing that he could become a victim of his struggles, or a victor. When asked his favorite motivational quote, Luis replied with his favorite line from classical Greek philosopher, Socrates: “It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

Even after Luis accomplished his remarkable feat of losing 100 pounds, he was immediately discouraged due to an excess of loose skin that made him depressed and gain back 20 pounds. He soon learned that he had to embrace himself by going against the stereotypical body standards, so he continued his journey with a new focus on helping others.

Gisell Posso Niezen, the manager at Youfit Norcross Singleton, can attest to Luis’ persistent nature and grit, acknowledging to Luis as an inspiration to her and her staff. “In my two years of working here, I have seen him here almost every morning, and he’s always been kind and humble,” she says. Luis thanks the Youfit staff for always being helpful and encouraging along the way. Their help, along with his perseverance and “don’t quit” attitude drove him to accomplish his long-term fitness goals.

Luis is now a personal trainer and shares his experience with all of his clients. “I always tell my clients to have patience, enjoy and embrace the process. Enjoy the learning that comes from it.”

Thank you, Luis, for exemplifying how developing a lifestyle of healthy habits and a positive mindset can change us for the better!

You can follow Luis on Instagram @savageresolve

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