Less Technology, More YOU!

You don’t have to be ashamed to admit it: this day in age, we’re all glued to our phones and rely on technology for everything, or almost everything. Our phones have become our alarm clocks, calendars, first, second and third method of communication, source of entertainment and so much more. Sure, our phones make our lives easier. But do they make our lives better? Not always. Or at least not enough.

In an upcoming Buzzfeed article which features our very own COO, J.J. Creegan (woo hoo!), the discussion was on this very topic. In the interview, he said: “Between our phones, tablets, and computers we are working our fingers and our eyes way more than our bodies or minds. We have created addictive rituals of interacting with apps with little expectation of results. It is just what we do. Swiping down to reload feeds endlessly.”

Yikes. The sad part? He’s spot-on. He added that “Without healthy boundaries we are becoming sloth-like humans focused on entertainment and gratification.” But it’s not all doom and gloom. I mean, you’re probably reading this post on a smart phone, so it can’t be all bad. And importantly, J.J. made a point of explaining some ways we can improve our relationships with technology so that our lives can stay in balance.

One way to do that, J.J. says, is to meditate: “With so many distractions and devices screaming for our attention a little bit of personal silence is extremely valuable. After clearing my mind for 5-15 minutes, my mind is in a much better space to prioritize and attack the day.”

But it can go beyond that. Sure, small moments away from technology can help, but on the other side of those can be some real, satisfying moments in our otherwise normal days. (It’s probably been a long time since we all realized that should be a normal thing).

In addition, J.J. says he consciously tries to leave his phone in his office or his room at home. “If you don’t hear it or see it you can’t be distracted by it. This absolutely causes FOMO for some.” But it creates an opportunity for something else, he explains. “I recently read a New York Times article about “JOMO,” the joy of missing out, and absolutely love it. We don’t necessarily need to try to delete technology from our lives; JOMO is about finding the healthy balance.”

And that’s our big takeaway from this post. There is JOY in missing out on occasion! There is joy in putting yourself first sometimes, of clearing your mind and opening yourself up to the possibilities that are often hiding in plain sight, but that we’re too busy to notice because we’re starting at our phones. And hey, next time you grab dinner or drinks with friends try not using your phone for the whole time!

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