Mother’s Day Stories

We’ve done the research and came up with the perfect definition of a mother: One person who does the work of 20 people, asking nothing in return. To every super mom that’s out there, Youfit honors you and all of your awesomeness this Mother’s Day! In the spirit of celebrating mothers, we wanted to highlight some of the cool moms on our team!


We start with Patricia Atocha, who’s one of the staff members at Youfit Sunrise. Patricia joined the Youfit family as a member-turned-employee, and when she’s not working the front desk, she’s dancing her heart out in a Zumba class! You might even find her joined by her daughter and fellow Youfit employee, Alma, who’s always enjoyed spending time with her mom while doing things to stay active. “Growing up my mom used to take my siblings and I to the park and play soccer, skate or just run around with us,” says Alma. We love having amazing mother-daughter duos like Patricia and Alma on our team to inspire other families to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Patricia is always on the go between her job, her family and her beloved Zumba classes, but the one thing that keeps her motivated to carry on are her children. “As the years go by, I’ve got to be able to keep up with them!” she exclaims; which perfectly shows her true Youfit spirit of maintaining wellness at every age.


Another dynamic duo we’d like to recognize is the mother-son YouGX instructor team, Lissette and Yan. They enjoy spreading their equal love of fitness through a variety of group exercise formats, including Kickboxing, Zumba, STRONG by Zumba, and Les Mills Body Pump. Yan and Lissette both view group exercise as a way for them to bond over a common passion: to see individuals reach their fitness goals and have fun while doing it! Through team teaching, Lissetta and Yan bring their high energy and love for one another that’s contagious and reaches every student that they teach. They both strive to offer the highest quality classes to the Youfit members who join them for a good workout.

You can often catch these two co-leading classes together for the YouGX rock stars at the Orlando and West Palm Beach locations. If you’re in the area, join them in a class as they dance, kick, and lift to help and inspire others.


Mom-Extraordinaire Eva Teran is a loyal Youfit member who regularly attends YouGX group exercise classes at her local gym. “Health and kindness go hand in hand in my book. How you feel on the inside directly affects your outlook on life,” she says. After a health scare 3 years go, Eva turned her life around and incorporated healthy eating and exercise into her daily life.

Now, Eva maintains a healthy lifestyle by attending Zumba classes with her daughter, Ashley. They both view Zumba as a great bonding experience outside of their busy schedules. When they aren’t at their local gym, Eva and Ashley also enjoy running 5Ks and marathons.

We appreciate mothers everywhere for all that they do. From Youfit to YOU, we want to wish every mom a Happy Mother’s Day!