New Year, Best YOU

Hey you! “Who, me?” – You

Yes, you! 2019 is finally here. Congratulations. Not only have you been given a chance to create your best year ever, but might we say, you look beautiful today. Because you’re you. Because you’re unique. And because we say so!

In fact, you matter a great deal to us. It’s individuals like you that make Youfit the place that it is. (Helloooo, ‘You’ is in our name). Youfit is for you. “It’s where you fit in” – that’s our rallying cry this year, just look around any of our clubs. The best version of you, simply put, is the one you already are. That’s the “you” we want here. The one you are when you’re acting like yourself. When you’re not afraid of impressing anyone, or getting judged. Because you know what? Judgement is only for those that are willing to be judged and who care what people think. We sure don’t, are ya with us?!

Do we think there’s room for improvement in all of us? Of course there is. But that doesn’t mean changing who we are. It just means finding ways to celebrate and strengthen the things that are unique to each of us.

Sure, sometimes that means a great YouGX class to help you beat the stress of the day and return home as a more ‘you’ version of you. Or cranking through a HIIT session or LISS Cardio to give you the energy to be the best ‘you’ when the kids are begging to play. Fitness can be fun, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Besides, we’ve never met anyone who walked into the gym the first time and knew the right way to do all of the exercises.

Here’s the secret: there isn’t one. You don’t need to recreate yourself to get healthy again, or to achieve new strength goals. You’ve already got the goods. We’re just here to help prove it to you. And we’ve got some great resources to help you get there. Ready to be the best ‘you’ there is in 2019? We thought so. Click this link to get started.