New Year’s Resolutions NOT to Make

January 1 is right around the corner. See it? Right over there! But if you’re anything like us, you’re a tad tired of the ‘New Year, New Me’ chatter that invariably comes with a new calendar and ready to set realistic expectations to start living and feeling better NOW. This year we’re all going to avoid the same old routine: make a New Year’s resolution, stick with it for a couple of weeks or so, get bored or discouraged, jump ship, and wait another 300 or so days to do it all again next year.

That’s not to say goal setting is a waste of time, or that we’re not believers in change. Quite the opposite. Instead, we’re big believers in actually achieving change, and not just paying lip service to it. So instead of telling you which New Year’s Resolutions to make, we’re going to tell you which ones not to make (oh my word, did a gym just tell you not to make a New Year’s Resolution? Yep!).

Don’t set a big goal

We get it. You want to lose 30 pounds. You want six pack abs. You want to cut chocolate out of your diet (what are you, nuts?). But setting big, monster goals is almost always a sure fire way to ensure you won’t hit them. Because at any moment, you’re just one cheat meal away from beating ourselves up for a shortcoming. Hey – cut yourself some slack! And draw yourself a reasonable starting line. Want to lose 30 pounds? Start cutting calories. That doesn’t mean cold turkey on your favorite foods, it means smaller portions. From there, sure, consider cutting certain foods, or adjusting how you prepare them. You’re much more likely to stay the course if you make smaller, incremental goals you can stick to. And you won’t need a New Year’s Resolution to make it happen.

Don’t compare yourself

Theodore Roosevelt once said “Comparison is the thief of joy,” and we think he was spot-on. Comparing yourself to someone else is an insult to who you are, and we think you’re the cat’s meow. This comparison conundrum rears its ugly head quite often when it comes to group exercise (YouGX) classes, or just by watching others on the weight floor or cardio machines. Are there going to be people who are further along than you? “Think others are going to notice you’re not 100% nailing the Zumba sequence? Don’t be! We’re all there to have fun and we promise, no one is as focused on what you’re doing as you may think.”. That’s not who you’re competing against. You’re competing against you. So if running a mile was out of the question yesterday, well, try adding quarter mile increments to your run every couple days. By week’s end, voila, you’ve run a mile! Similarly, if you’re afraid you can’t cut it in a YouGX class, just remember that it’s about progress. If you finish one extra rep per class than you did the day before, what could that look like a month from now?

An off day isn’t the end of the world

As you know, our slogan is “every visit is a victory.” Woody Allen once said that “80 percent of life is showing up,” and that’s a great way to remind ourselves that even a so-so workout is better than no workout. Sure, you’ll be tired some days. You’ll struggle. But getting there and doing something is a great way to keep the momentum going. And that’s what progress is all about.

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