One in a Million

Our members are truly One in a Million! We hope you’re inspired by the stories below – just as we are! 

Rory Tate (Member at 7390 Tampa Fowler)

Rory Tate with YouCoach Grayden!

Rory Tate with YouCoach Grayden

“I am a 77 year old couch potato cum laude. All joints and ligaments were seizing up. I was constantly short of breath and very short on energy. I had stopped doing my favorite hobby – photography – as I didn’t have the energy any more to go taking photos. Pretty depressing. I knew I had to do something. Yoga or Tai Chi didn’t do it for me. It was time to go to a gym.

I NEVER pay attention to those fitness commercials – imagine a hippo yawning – that’s me whenever they’re shown. Different story when your commercial was aired. Got my attention immediately. I’m very attracted to color and your purple and green was an excellent attention grabber. I’ve been considering going to a gym for many reasons for the last year. I listened to what was being said. It appealed to me. It was to the point and covered what I was looking for: low cost and (well, shoot, I forget the rest but it was good). So I went in the next day to your Fowler facility to find out what was what.

I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. I forget who signed me up but, after I explained what my physical issues were, the plan offered was exactly what I wanted. I was assigned to Grayden. He was very knowledgable in what I had to do and why. He understood what my physical issues were/are and was confident we were going to handle them. We approached the routines in a gradient manner – just tough enough for me to do with success. He always answers my questions with an understandable explanation of what the exercise is designed to do.

Since I’ve been on my program I’ve noticed physical improvements every day I’ve attended. This gives me confidence and encouragement to continue even though there are days I’d like to sleep in or just hang out at home. But, because of the way I’m treated by all the staff at the gym, I really want to go in. Their smiles and kind, encouraging words lift my spirits a great deal. They are your front line of customer retention. Trust me on this. The equipment is kept in first class condition. It looks brand new. The overall facility is immaculate all the time. I SIMPLY CANNOT IMAGINE GOING TO ANY OTHER GYM! Although cost is an important part of choosing YouFit, it was not at all the deciding factor.

I’d like to thank the senior management of YouFit for having the vision, knowledge, management savvy, staff training programs, and an excellent perception of your public as well as what this public wants.

And finally, I’d like to thank very much the crew of the Fowler facility for making my daily workout such a pleasure. You guys really are experts at what you do, but most importantly you have the compassion, humor and friendliness to make all of us ‘ol geezers’ very happy.

Thanks so much.”

Kyra Smith (Member at 7764 Fort Worth) 

Kyra Smith 20 lbs. and counting transformation!

Kyra Smith 20 lbs. and counting transformation!

“YouFit has played a HUGE part in my being 20 lbs down and counting!

I began going to YouFit with my mom at the beginning of April as a guest. I knew it was time to lose weight. I was 270 lbs. After 2 weeks of consistently working out and eating healthy, I lost a miraculous 20 lbs and decided to sign up on April 20th, 2017. The staff were so helpful with me making the decision to join. One staff in particular, Josh, at the YouFit in Fort Worth on Hulen Bend, was so friendly and he made me feel accountable for my consistency. He would say things like, “see you tomorrow!”, and that actually made me want to keep coming back. The atmosphere is great, not too small of a place, not too big.

I will have another weigh in this Saturday and I am hoping to be down another 5 lbs. Which will put me at 245lbs. My goal is to be at 180lbs. I am 5’10 so I want to be pretty healthy for my height. I know that with YouFit, I can definitely get there.”

Elizabeth Brown-Worthington (Member at 7378 St. Petersburg)

Elizabeth with YouCoaches Chris and Beth!

Elizabeth with YouCoaches Chris and Beth!

“To whom it may concern:

Below is my Youfit story and attached is a picture of myself and the two wonderful trainers that I worked with, Chris Angel and Beth Northway at the St. Petersburg 9th Ave N gym.

I began working out at Youfit in April of my senior year of high school because I had been granted acceptance to the United States Military Academy at West Point and I physically was not ready. I started working out with Chris right away and we worked together for probably a little over a month. Chris felt as though he would be unable to help me reach my very strict, impending goal so he switched me over to Beth who I worked with up until I left. In June I reported for basic training and was light years ahead of where I would’ve been if not for Chris and Beth. But, I soon figured out that West Point was not where I belonged and processed out and came home.

Now, I am working with Beth just in an effort to stay fit and can honestly call her, and Chris, great friends and I can do so much more now that I could not do before thanks to them.”

Thank you to all who have submitted their stories so far and keep sending in those amazing and inspiring stories!