Enjoy the Outdoors & Fitness this Fall Season

Crisp air. Refreshing temperatures. And awkward layers of old sweatshirts with dad’s retro ear muffs. It means that 5K season is upon us, and that means a great opportunity to get some exercise outside!

Now, we don’t know where you are on your 5K journey – walking, jogging, running, pushing a stroller or ‘fat chance, blog person!’ But 5K season is a great excuse to get outside in the colder months, try something new, and connect with like-minded folks in your area who care about getting out into the open air for some fitness now and then.

And if you ask us, turkey trots are a great way to get outside, get involved and get ready for a grand Thanksgiving dinner. “Hey, I walked a 5K this morning,” you’ll say. “That apple pie is mine.”

The good news is that those turkey trots tend to be a nice fit for folks of all fitness levels. But if you’re not too keen on lining up with thousands of cold strangers at the crack of dawn, or really just aren’t the “racing” type, we’ll jump off our high horse now and let you know our real pitch: we just want to help you find new, fun ways to get outside and enjoy fall weather. That’s it.

But why? Well, you already know we’re fitness folks. But the truth goes to your broader health, too, including your overall well-being. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing; it’s essentially seasonal depressions 4 to 6 percent of people suffer from it, with another 10 to 20 percent suffering from mild versions of it.

But one of the ways to combat that is to get outside more often. To breathe the fresh air, to feel alive just be being out in nature. We’re not saying you need to go camping for a week. Not even close. But even a 30 minute walk is a mindset booster. You could try some outdoor sports or activities, like hiking (good excuse to dust off those hiking boots you said you’d use), and even a brisk bike ride to brunch, instead of the normal car hike.

As always, our job is to empower and encourage our Youfit family to enjoy life – and that’s especially true during these colder months, when too many of us end up trapped indoors. To learn more about Youfit Health Clubs and find the nearest location, visit youfit.com.