Planning Tips for The Week Ahead

Here are some tips for successful health and fitness planning:

Gather your Gear 

Prep everything you will need for your workouts throughout the week. Make sure you have your headphones, sneakers, gym bag, and clothes ready to grab while you’re on the go.

Plan Your Workouts

Get a weekly calendar and jot down your training plan, the times you plan to go, and any Youfit Bootcamp or YouGX group exercise classes you plan to attend.* 

Meal Prep

On Sundays make a grocery list of all the things you plan on eating throughout the week. Once you have your food, prep your meals and snacks for each day. Meal prepping will save you time from having to cook every night, and will help you stay on track with your diet by eliminating the option of grabbing fast food on the go.

Hit the Sack

Once everything is all set for the week, make sure you hop into bed early so you wake up refreshed for the week ahead.