Put Your Hips Into It

Hip thrusters have taken gyms by storm― mainly through their social media popularity. This glute building exercise isn’t just for the ladies. Men have learned that strong glutes are actually critical to overall strength and healthy posture.

Exercises where you can build overall strength and lift a lot of plates (ie. squats, deadlifts, olympic lifts and even the bench press) require strong glutes. Glutes help extend the hips during squats and deadlifts – two moves that are a valid judge of strength and athleticism. Glutes also play a crucial role in stabilizing the torso and core, which holds people back on moves like the bench press and barbell row. The hip thruster is one of the best ways to isolate the glutes and take it from from a weak point to a strength.

A good test of glute strength is starting with a hip bridge. See if you can comfortably hold it for 30 seconds without shaking. If you’ve got that down, you can move on to single leg glute bridges working for 3 sets of 10 reps on each leg. Then up the ante and set yourself up on a bench so only your shoulders are resting on the bench. From there you can use your bodyweight as resistance while thrusting your hips up into a bridge. While you see many proud Instagram moments with heavy barbell weight across the hips, the next progression is actually doing this same motion with a single leg on the ground and the other leg floating parallel to the ground as you are at the top of the bridge. Be sure to keep the hips level with the ground when performing the single leg.

While you certainly can add weight to the exercise, doing bodyweight thrusters with correct form will have your glutes burning! You’ll be doing the most popular glute exercise in the most safe and effective way!