Secrets to a Personal Trainer’s Workout Routine

As a personal trainer, I have partnered up with Youfit to give my secrets and how Youfit’s philosophy, atmosphere and YouCoaches can help rock your fitness world!


#1. Buddy up: I know the thought of working out in front of others can be nerve-wracking and intimidating. But seriously, you are in the same pool as everyone else. Workouts with others are super fun, especially when you need motivation. I often take my mom with me to the gym because at 50+, she can still outrun me, and that gives me motivation. We help one another push harder and work to accomplish our fitness goals. Here’s an even better solution: Join a YouFit Health Club. Youfit was founded in 2008 by Rick Berks with the philosophy that fitness clubs should be welcoming. This is what a gym should be about — its people. Youfit does an excellent job of making you feel not just like a member of a gym, but a part of a fitness family.


#2. Proper food is fuel: In order to work out effectively, you have to follow a diet that is tailored to helping you achieve results. I cannot stress this enough to my clients. While you may be making gains in the gym in strength, flexibility or speed, you must also be making gains in the kitchen. Proper nutrition is 80% of achieving the results you want to see. While personal trainers aren’t dietitians and cannot map out an eating plan for you, they can guide you in the right direction.


#3. Shorter can be better: You don’t always have to work out for an hour or two in order to see results. Before becoming a personal trainer, I was a running guru who believed that running was the only workout that would help me stay in shape and maintain my weight. Little did I know that busting my butt on the pavement for 4–5 miles every day of the week wasn’t the only fitness option to change my body. In fact, running bored and exhausted me, and I had no upper body strength or agility skills whatsoever. Then I discovered HIIT routines, which are high-intensity interval training workouts. I love these workouts because they combine toning with short bursts of energy. They also help you tone, lengthen and shape your muscles and give you strength in areas you never knew you had. Youfit’s 30-minute Express Circuit helps you get a workout in when you are short on time, without sacrificing progress.


#4. Active rest is the best: I used to believe that the only way to effectively work out was to exercise every day of the week. SO WRONG! I preach to my clients the benefits of rest. Your body needs time to regenerate and rest the muscles you’ve been working every day. Without rest, you are just going to feel sore and irritable, and the symptoms of overtraining will begin to set in. Trust me, it’s not fun. I suggest one to two days off per week. If you feel like you can work out, I suggest active rest. Active rest is light activity that helps rejuvenate your muscles and prepares you for your next day’s workout. For me, this is yoga. Stretching my muscles and doing a 10–20 minute yoga routine helps my flexibility, refocuses my intentions for fitness and alleviates any soreness that I might be feeling. For you, active rest could be taking a walk or a light Pilates class.


#5. Personal trainers don’t inflict pain: I know you have the image of a boot camp instructor in full army gear screaming at you to do another 500 pushups, but that is not what personal trainers are about. We are here to help you reach your goals and get fit. It’s not about how fast you can get fit; it’s about how you are going to get fit. Whether you’re just getting started or need help getting back on track, Youfit’s personal trainers are here to help. A YouCoach can keep you motivated, target problem areas and help you reach your goals!

So, what are you waiting for? Get to the nearest Youfit Health Club and sign up today.