Social Fitness: The New Happy Hour

Ladies and Gents, it’s Friday night, so put away those calorie-ridden cocktails and let’s replace them with some dumbbells.

I know, sounds unprecedented, right? Hear us out.

Let’s start by acknowledging that alcohol is a depressant. Not only does it slow down speech, movement and reaction time, but it reduces a person’s ability to think rationally by distorting their judgement. Alcohol is also considered to be highly addictive. The moment you start relying on alcohol to let loose or have a good time, is the moment you should start considering alternatives for relaxing after a long day.

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Now let’s switch gears and talk about YouGX classes. As you may know, exercising and being active releases endorphins into the body and makes you feel good. Consider this compared to alcohol, which, as discussed, acts as a depressant and slows down vital functions such as speech and movement. Now that you know the effects of each, it should be clear which activity puts you in the best state for socializing with friends.


So, exercise puts you in a good mood, but did we mention how fun YouGX classes actually are? Doing fast-paced exercises to energizing music with great friends and a lively instructor beats sitting around a table with a beer in your hand any day. Zumba, one of our more popular classes, is great for an outing with friends because it combines music with fun dance moves so it won’t ever feel like you’re working out. Our Les Mills or Cycle classes are perfect for groups looking to challenge themselves and increase their fitness.


One awesome benefit of YouGX classes is that you’ll get a serious burn that you might not achieve by working out alone. A study released by the Psychology of Sport and Exercise showed that people tend to pick up their friend’s exercise habits when they acted as each other’s support system. So if you work out with a friend who pushes themselves, it is likely you will do the same. Working out with a group of friends also holds you accountable for your workouts, so you will be more likely to go.


If YouGX classes are not available, or they just aren’t your thing, working out with your buddies at Youfit can be just as fun. Youfit has a variety of cardio and strength training equipment that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. In need of some moves to do with friends? Check out our favorite partner exercises here.


Alright- let’s recap. You can easily replace your traditional happy hour with YouGX classes because they make you feel great, you are guaranteed to have a blast, and they allow you to get a quality workout in. Not convinced? Try one out for yourself. Just ask one of our friendly staff members at the front desk for a class pass and you’ll be good to go.

Now comes the most difficult part- convincing your friends.