YouCoach’s 5 Steps For Starting Your Fitness Journey

Beginning your fitness journey can be overwhelming and intimidating. Although pursuing an active, healthy lifestyle does require commitment and effort, it can be achieved by anyone who is willing to change their daily habits. Not sure where to start? Our certified YouCoaches are trained to serve as your support system throughout your fitness journey, so we leveraged their insight for the steps needed to properly achieve fitness goals. So, if you are ready to change your lifestyle for the better, here are some tips from our YouCoaches that we fully endorse:

The first step is identifying your current fitness level. This is crucial because your whole fitness program will be designed entirely on where you currently stand and will allow you to create goals that are realistic and achievable. At Youfit, we provide complimentary comprehensive fitness assessments carried out by our certified YouCoaches, along with the help of our Dotfit program, that will allow you to have accurate measures of your current standing.   

After you have an informed, realistic understanding of your starting point, you can begin imagining exactly where you want to go. Losing weight is a popular fitness goal, however there are plenty of others to pursue, like relieved stress, strength gain, or lower blood pressure, all which fall into the category of completely acceptable fitness goals.

After setting your personal goal, it’s time to hammer out a comprehensive plan that you are willing to stick with. In order to maintain the willpower necessary to achieve your goal, it is imperative that you know what you like and enjoy spending your time doing. If you enjoy working on a team, maybe incorporating community recreational sports into your routine is the key to keeping you motivated and active. Make sure your plan is do-able and that you start small.

At this point you should know where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. Now you must measure your progress. How you measure will be heavily dependent on your goal and the way you went about achieving it. For example, if your goal was to gain muscle, and your means was weightlifting, you might measure your success based on how much weight you are able to lift. Alternatively, if your goal is weight loss and your means are running, then you may measure your success based on how much weight you lost and how many miles you can run.

Rewarding yourself for sticking to your goals and achieving results is arguably the most important step. This step not only celebrates your successes, but acts as an incentive by reinforcing positive behavior, so you are likely to repeat the behavior later on. Retail therapy or a delicious treat all work as perfectly acceptable and fun ways to treat yourself and celebrate your successes.

Now that you are prepared for your journey into an active lifestyle, it’s time to jump in! Our YouCoaches are truly a valuable resource and are trained to design a program that is specific to your needs and lifestyle. If you are ready to improve your life for good, meet with one of our YouCoaches by scheduling your fitness assessment today.