Success Story: Ciara Johnson

“Personal trainers are so expensive, I can’t afford to get in shape.”
“I just really like food and can’t stick to a healthy diet.” 

Do either of these statements sound relatable? At one point or another these thoughts have crossed most people’s minds when thinking about how to meet their fitness goals. Nevertheless, it’s not always the popular vote to make a change for the better.  Some people like Ciara Johnson of Youfit Pembroke Pines make the decision to be the change they wish to see. 

Ciara began her Youfit personal training journey after deciding she wanted to improve her overall health. She says she was surprised at how reasonable the cost of the sessions with her personal trainer were. From her first time meeting her trainer, Brian Harvey, she felt secure in his ability to help her reach the goals she set for herself. Choosing to work with a YouCoach seemed like a ‘no brainer’ for her. 

And the reasons are abundant. Ciara has gained a confidence and belief in self that she once lacked. Ciara believes that she has gained both internal and external benefits from her training.  She learned to perform new exercises properly without causing injury and saw physical changes. But a benefit she didn’t anticipate is the feeling of being in a better mental space- the most important aspect of her physical and mental health. Ciara credits Brian for helping her gain a growth mindset and hone the ability to better handle daily stressors. 

Reflecting back on her life growing up, Ciara knew she wanted to make a change in terms of her diet, explaining that she was raised in an environment that did not put much emphasis on physical health. She wanted to focus on reversing those old habits and sticking to it! Her family continues to be her biggest motivation. This, as well as Brian’s guidance, has allowed her to change her eating habits and stay positive. Ciara now feels that she can choose healthier options without back-tracking to  her older habits. 

Ciara believes that she found a trainer that is just right for her, and encourages anyone thinking about trying personal training to do the same. To be like Ciara (good choice, if you ask us), and to start doing things you never thought you could, start with a free guest pass by clicking here: Youfit would love to be a part of your journey to self-improvement!