Success Story: Jean Moses

We always emphasize the importance of being the best you there is. Well, this week, we’re psyched to tell you about Youfit member, Jean Moses! She says it is never too early or too late to take care of yourself, and at 86 years young, she’s the ultimate embodiment of what being “the best you” really means. 

Jean has benefitted in more ways than one by working with her trainer at the Youfit Dallas – Belt Line Rd location. If you have a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a wife, a female friend… you will want to stick around to read about Jean’s story below. (Hint: Get the tissues ready)

Ten years ago, at the age of 76, Jean’s doctor diagnosed her with Osteopenia – a bone condition that causes weak bones, and can lead to the more serious Osteoporosis. At this time, she began medication and with her doctors recommendation also increased her activity level. Jean joined a gym and started working out three times a week. She continued this routine for five years.

But after another bone density test, she found her condition had worsened. Now with Osteoporosis, Jean had a very high risk of experiencing bone fractures. After four years of having full blown Osteoporosis, her local gym closed. Her determination to keep exercising led her to Youfit and her trainer, Brian – with a new host of challenges, too.

Fast forward to today. In just one year of working with Brian, Jean is proud to say that her Osteoporosis has reversed back to Osteopenia. Just ONE YEAR! Brian developed a customized program for Jean that included weight training. Jean’s doctor is shocked at how quickly her condition has reversed and credits the regimen she is following with Brian for her progress. 

Incredibly at 86, Jean’s health is better than it has been in the past several years. She hopes with continued work she will also reverse the Osteopenia – and we are confident her determination will push her through. As Jean jokes, she now doesn’t have to be afraid to step off a curb! 

Whether or not it was fate that led Jean to us at Youfit (I mean, we think it was fate, and Jean says it was too), we are overjoyed to have her as a part of our family here. We are so proud to share in Jean’s success.

If you are interested in starting, or continuing, your fitness journey we encourage you to sign up for a guest pass at one of our facilities! Grab one here. We can’t wait to meet YOU!