Youfit Success Story: Leslie Phillips

Every day, we’re blasted with ads for the gym, and glossy images of spray-tanned Instagram experts telling us the importance of being fit. Well, if you’ve ever wanted to press a magic “delete” button to remove all the ads and IG posts from your memory — you’re not alone!

Today’s story is about our dear friend — our gym bestie — Leslie Phillips. She was in search of something different from her old gym, so when Leslie stumbled upon Youfit, she knew she was in the place where she fits in. 

“I have had multiple negative gym experiences in my past, so I needed a gym that would stand out from the rest,” she explains. “I originally weighed 285 pounds. When I finally decided to do something and began my gym search, I was met with negativity from naysayers, and I refused to step foot in a gym for years.”

The good news? Leslie came across a local Youfit. She was welcomed with a good attitude from staff, which led to a great experience for Leslie! (But don’t take our word for it — here’s Leslie again)

“If you’re ready to commit to your physical health and need a supportive gym to become a member of, then Youfit Huntsville is the place for you.” (It’s the best gym in Huntsville. Just sayin’.)

“I did Zumba and watched my diet without a gym and lost 110 pounds. I have kept that off since 2014, but I never developed balance, strength and flexibility. So I tried to find a gym that I would actually feel supported in. Youfit was the only place I felt offered a different experience.” 

When Leslie went into Youfit Huntsville, she was a little jaded at first. Leslie spoke to Kyla, a staff member,  and she showed her around the gym. Kyla’s approach was down to earth and non-judgmental and made Leslie feel at ease – and more importantly not ‘out of place.’ The manager, Taylor, answered her financial and personal training questions, along with Kyla. Because of them, Leslie joined. She also purchased personal training sessions to meet her goals. But she was skeptical. Leslie was still nervous about who would administer her fitness assessment, and if she would have a supportive trainer.  

Leslie met with Matt to do her fitness assessment. He was very encouraging and felt confident that she could reach my goals at Youfit through personal training with Tommy. ”He had no doubts. (That made one of us lol). But I finally felt like ‘well… this might work after all!’” And he was right. Tommy and Leslie have worked together twice a week since 6/25/19. He is not only knowledgeable, but supportive and encouraging. “He challenges me (which I need) but is not abrasive in his coaching style. I’ve lost two inches off my waist and five inches off my hips in just four months.”

Leslie can actually balance now on one foot without falling or having to hold onto anything. Her flexibility and strength has also increased. “My Zumba friends (and students, as I also teach) have noticed a big difference.” 

So… with that being said…if you want a big change, become a member at Youfit, and even try out our personal training. Make a decision for YOU today. Click here to get a FREE guest pass and get started!