Youfit Success Story: Tala Montez

While the journey to personal fitness is different for every individual, the path to health and wellness can be shared with and enhanced by the influence of others. Teamwork makes the dream work, baby! Tala Montez, Lauderhill Youfit member, knows that to be true. She reaped the benefits of working with a fellow Youfitter when she decided to place her trust in a personal trainer – or as we call them around here, a YouCoach! 

Tala knew that she could benefit from working with a YouCoach to target specific areas that she felt “needed the most attention.” She also wanted to work with a trainer to ensure she was performing the exercises correctly in order to avoid injury (smart move, Tala!). But in addition to changing daily exercises, Tala has noticed a huge change in her cravings since the start of her training sessions with her YouCoach, Wayman Peguero. 

Most people assume that a personal trainer will provide guidance on exercises to perform as well as tips for using proper body form to avoid injury and experience the full benefits of the movement. That’s all true. However, Tala was surprised to learn that a YouCoach could do even more for her. “Wayman has gone above and beyond and has customized all of my workouts,” she says. Plus, he is conscientious of past injuries and surgeries that Tala has had and he ensures that he is customizing her workouts to strengthen those spots as well as surrounding areas without causing further damage or re-injury. He has also helped Tala create a diet plan that fuels her workouts. Tala explains that she is eating the right amount of protein for her and this has helped her feel great inside and out, and strong, too! For Tala, seeing progress and feeling great when she wakes up and right after a workout is what has continued to motivate her.

While the journey to fitness hasn’t been easy, she wants other people to know that it is worth the work. Her best advice is to be open minded, dedicated, and willing. At Youfit, we always emphasize the importance of being the best you there is and we would love to help you in that journey! To create your own fitness story, start with a free guest pass by clicking here: