Best Tips for Good Summer Health

“Summertime, and the livin’s easy.” That is, at least, according to the now-famous song lyric from Sublime. And from where we’re sitting, we tend to agree that summer is where it’s at. Longer days of sunshine means there’s more time to enjoy the feeling of summer rays on your face. More time to enjoy the gentle breezes dancing through your hair. And of course, more time to enjoy that summer groove you’ve worked so hard on.

But do you know what else is easy? Unfortunately, falling off the wagon with our health and fitness. Hey, it happens.

Because while there’s more daylight to enjoy, there tend to be some new obstacles in the way too – summer camps and off-beat schedules for the kids, family vacations, summer BBQs and all of the other things that keep us busy in the warmer months.

So what’s a fitness-seeker to do to stay on track with their goals when the summer schedule makes it harder to do so? We’re glad you asked.

Walk when possible

If you’re in a climate that tends to be cooler the rest of the year, take advantage of these longer, warmer days by taking a walk when possible. Some days, you’re obligated with conference calls. Take your next one on the go with a trip around the block! Or, if you can’t make the drive to your favorite Youfit location one day, take a 30 minute jog through the neighborhood to break a nice sweat without the extra commute. The time is there – now go out and make the best of it!

Stretch anywhere

Stuck on a flight for a few hours? Can’t get out of the office for your lunch break? Stretch! It takes just 20 seconds to get an effective static stretch on any one muscle or muscle group. So if you’re bored to tears by the in-flight entertainment, or pinned to your desk, take three to five minutes for a solid, total body stretch. Stretching not only improves muscle function, but increases blood flow too. So if you’re hitting that afternoon ‘yawn,’ stretching could be just the trick to get you through it.

Improvise everywhere

Your fitness routine doesn’t have to be routine. If the kids are at home and you can’t get to the gym, make a game out of fitness at home! Play tag with the kids, or create backyard Olympics events to give everyone a good sweat. Everyone will really be a winner! Stuck at a hotel with less-than-adequate gym equipment? Create a small body weight circuit series for yourself – push-ups, body weight squats, sit-ups, lunges, etc. It’s up to you! Even 20 minutes of high intensity intervals can deliver great results.

Get A Youfit Membership This Summer

Don’t let the summer slowdown affect your health and fitness goals. Instead, use the new opportunities available to you to take great strides forward. And stop in to visit us as often as you can! Not yet a Youfit member? Pick up a FREE day pass to your home location. Or if you’re really ready to hit the ground running, you could even join for just $10 per month with the button below.