The Secret to Hitting Your Goals For Countdown to Change

It is no secret that Youfit offers personal training and group exercise classes to provide you with the support you need to reach your fitness goals. What you might not have considered is that these tools can be utilized during your end goal for Countdown to Change.

To make your Countdown to Change trek a little bit easier, we are offering unlimited, free YouGX classes and discounted YouCoach sessions to all Countdown to Change participants.

So, how can YouGX and YouCoach support help you reach your fitness goals quicker? Read below and consider incorporating them into your routine to jump start your fitness.

Have a plan that works

What’s great about having an experienced and certified personal trainer is that they will provide you with useful knowledge relevant to your fitness goals. They know what works best, and what doesn’t. Working with a YouCoach is recommended when just starting out on your fitness journey so you know how to exercise in good form, thus preventing any injuries from occurring. This also goes for YouGX classes where the instructors know how to exercise effectively and use proper form.

Meet new people to workout with

Building a strong support system is one of the most effective ways to reach your fitness goals. When you take a YouGX class at Youfit, you are giving yourself the opportunity to meet others who share similar fitness goals and can help you in your own journey.

Learn new effective moves

If you often times catch yourself admiring the workout routines of others while at the gym, then it might be time for you to enlist the support of a YouCoach. They will help create a plan that consists of exercises unique to you and your fitness goals. Want to work with barbells? They know all the moves. Looking to amp up your treadmill routine? You can count on a YouCoach.

Be accountable

When you have a solid support system rooting you on, you have no choice but to meet their expectations. So, you workout every other day, like you promised yourself at the beginning of the journey. Accountability can go a long way when you have a good team behind you!

Switch up your workout routine

You would be selling yourself short by underestimating the effectiveness of YouGX classes. Bernetta, a fellow Change participant, finally got her husband to attend a Les Mills BODYPUMP class despite his qualms that the class is “only for women.” After taking the class, her husband admitted to enjoying it and said he would definitely do the class again. “It’s was cool, it’s a different type of workout with a lot of repetition. I like it,” he said

If you ever feel like you are lagging behind your goals, or feel unmotivated to continue, keep in mind that there are methods available to you that can help you get back on track. For more information on the specials we are offering Countdown to Change participants, talk to your YouCoach today.