Tips for Sticking to Healthy Resolutions

January is a great time to start anew, including reevaluating your fitness goals and making strides towards a healthier lifestyle. Try visualizing what you want to achieve and establish a plan of action so you know where to start and how to maintain.

If you need some help tackling the healthy resolutions you set for yourself for 2017, we’ve got you covered. We’ve collected the best tips for sticking to healthy resolutions from Youfit’s very own master trainers, listed below for your convenience.

  1. Find your “why.” Having a goal is great, but understanding the real “why” behind your goal is more important for staying on track when times get tough.
  2. Use technology to your advantage. Whether it is keeping track of calories or seeing physical progress, use apps on your smart phone to track workouts and calories.  Use your camera to keep track of progress you may not see on the scale.
  3. Make small changes. Focus your efforts on making one small change. When you master that one, move on to another small change.
  4. Set time aside for rest days. Rest is important for progress. Give yourself time to recover. Your muscles will benefit from the down time and you’ll be less likely to burn out.
  5. Hire a trainer. Work with a YouCoach to set achievable goals and a plan to get there. Your coach will help you stay accountable and will keep you on track.
  6. Do things you enjoy. If you hate cardio, have your YouCoach build a program that minimizes cardio. There are many options to stay active, like joining a YouGX class at your local Youfit. Do something you enjoy and you will be .
  7. Write down your goals. Put them somewhere you can constantly see them so they stay fresh in your mind.
  8. Turn your weaknesses to strengths. Find where your weaknesses are and focus on improving them. If you don’t know much about nutrition, for example, spend some time doing research.
  9. Have a friend or spouse set healthy goals, too. If your spouse also has a healthy lifestyle, you will be more likely to keep on track. Sharing your goal with someone will keep you accountable and more likely to succeed.
  10. Set smaller resolutions. Break your big goal for the year into smaller goals. The week-long goal or month-long goal will feel more achievable with a clear set path.
  11. Review your progress. Keep a log of your progress and look at it regularly to see how far you’ve come and focus on the positives.
  12. Celebrate! Set rewards along the way to your resolutions and give yourself something to look forward.
  13. Set a consequence. If you fall off track of your resolutions set a consequence like not watching your favorite sports team for a week, or putting money into a jar. It will make the resolution feel real and urgent.
  14. Stay positive. It’s normal to have a few challenges or slip ups along the way, but it’s important to stay positive and get back on track without beating yourself up.Take 5 minutes everyday to visualize how your life will be different when you reach your goal.
  15. Be patient. It takes about 21 days to create a habit and about 6 months for it to become part of your lifestyle. Slow and steady wins the race.