Trick or Treat Costume Workout

Even though it’s Halloween and you love to pass out candies to the adorable trick or treaters who knock on your door, you can’t help but think about the workout you’ll be missing at Youfit.

Do not fear- You can bring Youfit to your Halloween night-in! By following the game below, you will get that workout in before the end of the night, no sweat. Or maybe a lot of sweat!

Just set up a clear space in your home and perform one of the exercises below based on the different costumes you encounter at your front door. Good luck!

Superman Costume … 30 second superman back extension

Cat Costume … 15 glute kickbacks, each side

Flash Costume … 20 jumping jacks

Batman Costume … 10 squats

Fairy Costume… 10 burpees

Disney Princess Costume …. 5 curtsy lunges

Witch Costume … 20 second mountain climbers

Hillary or Donald Trump Costume … 20 second plank

Olympic Athlete Costume … 10 crunches

Have you tried our Halloween workout? Tell us in the comments below!