Get Clear Skin – Try These Foods Good for Skin

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, clear complexion. Consumers in the beauty industry spent about 55 billion dollars in 2012, and that was three years ago!* Before stocking up on more beauty products, it may be more cost-effective to plan a healthy skin diet. Three foods in particular are so powerful that they help improve not only your internal health but also your outward appearance. Read how to get clear skin by enjoying these three superfoods.



Blueberries are such a yummy and healthy treat, but did you know they are also great for your complexion? Blueberries are stocked with fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and antioxidants, making them a true superfood for glowing skin. Vitamins A and C help to even out the oil levels in your skin. Because of this, vitamin A is a common ingredient in acne treatments. Another perk of vitamin A is that it reduces wrinkles and eliminates dark spots. The antioxidants in blueberries neutralize free radicals which otherwise might damage your skin cells. Get your daily serving of blueberries and enjoy your radiant skin. For a simple recipe, make a blueberry smoothie brought to you by the Food Network.



You can’t go wrong with spinach. It’s filled with vitamins, iron, water and minerals. The antioxidants in vitamin A help repair wounds, while vitamin C repairs skin cells and helps produce collagen. Say goodbye to under eye circles thanks to vitamin K found in spinach. The iron in this superfood helps to transport oxygen efficiently and prevents your skin from looking dull. Just one ounce of spinach has 92% water to keep your skin replenished and glowing. Kill two birds with one stone by making a blueberry spinach smoothie from Tastes Better From Scratch!


Dark Chocolate

Before you get too excited over seeing chocolate on this list, we first want to stress that these benefits apply only to dark chocolate that has 70% cocoa. One of our favorite dark chocolates, Penguin, can be found at Whole Foods and comes in flavors such as mint.

Dark chocolate helps your skin look younger and prevents collagen breakdown. Your skin will have more elasticity, which means you’ll be less likely to develop wrinkles. Antioxidants in dark chocolate help protect your skin from radical damage. Best of all, after a taxing week, you can take a bite into a sweet treat that will actually help reduce your stress.


For all the treats listed above, it’s important to remember that moderation is key when eating food good for skin. Too much of a good thing can easily turn into a bad thing. Incorporate these superfoods into your already well-balanced diet. Do you know of other superfoods for healthy skin? Connect with us on Twitter at @Youfit or on Facebook at and share your healthy eating tips!

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