All Veterans, Active Military and First Responders Have a Home With Youfit

Youfit Health Clubs is proud to support veterans, active military members and first responders. Not only do we have countless servicemen and women as members of our health clubs, but we also proudly employ hundreds of veterans and provide a similar support system that you would find in the military.

Rick Wesson, Executive Operation Director at Youfit
Served in the Army for four years, and the Reserves for four years

Rick shares that he had a tight-knit Army family with whom he is still close with today. He has also been able to find that family aspect with the team at Youfit that he has grown so close to over the nine years of his employment.

“I’ve had my Army family since 1998, and my Youfit family, which is still ever growing, since 2008,” he said.  

While some find it difficult to get back in shape after serving in the military, Rick wants all veterans to know that they have a home with Youfit.

“We’re absolutely proud of you and want to support you, but more important than anything else, we want your health and fitness to be as good as it was when you were in the military,” he said.

Nancy Costen, GX Coordinator at Youfit Health Clubs
Served in the Air Force for 4 years

Like Rick, Nancy found that while she was in the service, she developed a strong family community that she was able to find with Youfit.

“When you’re in the military … you develop friendships, you have each other’s backs and you’re really working together as a family, and it becomes your home. When you get out, that’s the one thing you’re looking for. Some people find it and some people don’t, and I’ve definitely found that with Youfit.”

DeMiracle Quinn, Accounts Payable Manager at Youfit Health Clubs
Served in the Air Force as a Senior Airman

DeMiracle says the transition to civilian life may not be as difficult as one would think if you can find a good team to support you. He says Youfit is one of the best places for a someone who served in the military looking to make a transition.

“The best way to transition [to the civilian sector] is to … make the same sacrifices you made in the military … because someone is always looking for an individual who is willing to work hard. That’s what Youfit really wants, so if you come with that work ethic and mindset, there will always be a place for you.”

While Youfit Health Clubs supports and celebrates all servicemen and women throughout the year, this month we’d like to extend a special thank you. For the entire month of November, all veterans and first responders who join Youfit will be given their first three months absolutely FREE.

Additionally, we’ll be holding special events, drives and more in recognition of our veteran’s sacrifice and valor. You can speak to a friendly member of your Youfit about what’s happening at your club and how you can show your support.

Perhaps most importantly, CLICK HERE to see a full list of open positions at Youfit. Or email your resume with “Veteran Applicant” in the subject line.