When and How to Static Stretch

When utilized properly, static stretching can do wonders for increasing flexibility and ultimately improving athletic performance.

Unlike dynamic stretching, which is more like a repetition of movements, static stretching is holding a semi-challenging position for a certain amount of time. Static stretching is best when done following a workout rather than before, because it breaks down the tissue in the muscle, which can limit its functionality.

Static stretching is optimal for a post-workout cool down to increase the body’s range of motion and prevent injury.

If you want to make the most out of your workouts, static stretching is the way to go. Check out the examples below for some stretches you can utilize after your next workout.

1. Doorway chest stretch


2. Standing quadriceps stretch


3. Sitting spinal twist


4. Hip flexor stretch


5. Standing glute stretch


6. Neck stretch


7. Overhead triceps stretch


8. Standing toe touch (hamstrings)


What are your favorite static stretches? Let us know in the comments!