Here’s Why Group Workouts Are So Beneficial

Not that there’s anything wrong with rolling solo, sometimes the “you time” that comes with working out really needs to be just you. But, there certainly are more than a couple perks you can get from attending a group exercise class and group training. For starters – hello, accountability! Many of my clients ask me why I recommend working out with friends and other members (AKA your soon-to-be best buds!). The simple answer? Because it works!

One of the very first things I do upon meeting a new client is to not only introduce myself but introduce other clients of mine. Not only does meeting fellow members help build a sense of community, but it also builds a family within our programs. Group classes are beneficial because they allow you as the member to relate with other clients like yourself, help create a healthy sense of competition, motivate you to try harder, encourages you to try different styles with something new, and allows us as trainers to help you build a healthy support system.

The more friends you have in the gym, the less likely you are to quit and the more likely you are to come in and workout with your friends and support team. Not all of us are social butterflies. Totally understandable. Making friends in the gym (or anywhere, some times) can be intimidating at times and this is why I would recommend trying out a group class where everyone has similar interests and motives. Group exercise classes give you and your buddies a chance to explore something new with the knowledgeable guidance of our certified YouGX instructors. Plus, they’ll be throwing tons of positive energy your way to keep up the endless motivation and enthusiasm! Even better? Our instructors provide modifications during classes so no matter your fitness level, there’s instruction to make sure the class is tailored to YOU and your needs.

When you bring a couple friends for a small group workout session at Youfit, it provides the opportunity to learn and grow together. Help each other on form (or snag a YouCoach and double check!) and push each other to do just one more rep than you might have if you were by yourself. Remember, everyone that walks through the gym door has a goal and I always recommend new members to get involved in supporting and challenging one another to be the best versions of ourselves.

“If we challenge each other we help change each other!” -Brenda Joseph, Master YouCoach at Youfit Winter Park

Looking for even more personalized motivation? Speak with any member of your club’s friendly team staff about one-on-one personal training with a certified YouCoach today!

Brenda Joseph

Brenda Joseph, Master YouCoach, Youfit Winter Park - University Boulevard Brenda is accredited by the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT) and has a Bachelors in Biology from Florida Atlantic University. She is certified as an advanced stretching specialist, fitness nutrition specialist, and women’s strength training specialist. Brenda got into personal training because she loves challenging people and herself to help clients achieve their dreams. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her two dogs, listening to podcasts, and traveling. Her favorite exercise is the bear hold and she never wears matching socks.