Why Celebrate International Beer Day?

I know what you’re asking yourself right now – did I unwittingly click on the wrong link and jump off the Youfit blog? Surely my gym wouldn’t be posting about International Beer Day, would they? Oh, they would.

International Beer Day, or as the insiders call it, IBD, is celebrated on the first Friday of every August. And since beer is delicious and delightful, what started as a small local event in Santa Cruz, California in 2007 is now celebrated in 207 cities in 80 countries on six continents. Surprised? Yeah, neither were we.

This majestic day, dedicated to the golden brews of our lives, has three purposes (and we intend to celebrate all three):

1. To gather with friends and enjoy the taste of beer (so far, so good)
2. To celebrate those responsible for brewing and serving beer (thank you, Mr. Bartender)
3. To unite the world under the banner of beer, by celebrating the beers of all nations together on a single day (Ahem; world peace)


But before we get too far, you might be asking yourselves why Youfit would celebrate International Beer Day. I mean, besides our love for beer of course. Because isn’t beer unhealthy and ‘bad’ for you?


The truth is far from being that cut and dry. As you probably know about us, we’re big believers in life balance, and finding ways to celebrate our health and wellness while still being ‘us.’ So by all means, have a beer now and then, especially on International Beer Day! Grab your Youfit Fam and wind-down after a great HIIT session by downing your favorite IPA or stout, or the old reliables from the grocery store freezer.

There are, of course, some pointers we can offer to help you make the right choices when it comes to beer and making the right choices that align with your health goals.

For example, if you’re counting calories and hate compromises, your best bet is to go with a low calorie light beer. There are numerous options these days for beers that all come in under 100 calories. And if you want your calorie intake to remain the same that day, it could be as simple as saying no to a banana for the day! (Just don’t make a habit out of it.)

If you’re really looking to enjoy a full-bodied, flavor-filled beer that might have some more calories in it, that’s okay too. If you’re counting calories, just be conscious of how many are in each serving, and consider what other adjustments you may need to make during the day to still hit your goal. Another great way to keep the count in check is to really savor that one serving. Hey, moderation is always a good idea anyway.

And then of course, you can always go over your calorie limit for the day, because there’s nothing wrong with the #treatyoself motto from time to time. Just know that if you want to spend another 30 minutes or so on cardio the next day, we’ll be right there alongside you cheering you on.

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