Why Youfit is Your True Soulmate

During your fitness journey, it is important you have a companion who you trust will stick with you through the highs and the lows. You need a friend who can guide you and help you out when things get tough. Someone with knowledge, integrity, and an ability to cater to your needs online and off. Can’t think of anyone? We can. Us.


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The best way to describe Youfit is a place you go to relieve your stress and always feel welcomed.  We are that true soulmate you have been searching for all along. We will always be here to support you throughout your personal journey and help you reach your goals. What else could you possibly ask for?

Our YouCoaches can be described as the backbone of Youfit’s support system. They will provide you with the knowledge necessary to carry out a proper exercise regime and suggest good eating habits by creating personalized exercise programs based on your goals and level of experience. Whether you are just getting started or need help getting back on track, our trainers know how to target specific areas and will encourage you to stay motivated so you can reach your goals more effectively.

Another advantage of our YouCoaches is that they basically are your other half, inside and outside the gym. Our trainers have the ability to track your activity beyond personal training sessions. With the new Youfit app, our YouCoaches can get a more accurate picture of your progress by monitoring your logged workouts during and after your sessions. Not good enough? Our app also allows you to link up any of your beloved 3rd party fitness-tracker apps such as FitBit and MyFitnessPal (we promise we won’t get jealous) so more in-depth data on your fitness activity can be monitored.

We even like you so much that we created an awesome new website so we can be with you even when you’re not working out. Check out our Youfit swag in our online shop or garner some serious fitness know-how on our Youniverse blog. Whether you need a healthy recipe, a new exercise routine, or an extra boost of motivation, Youniverse always has your back.

You see, our love for you is unconditional. All we want is for you to succeed and become the best possible YOU. Always remember, no matter how far you may stray, we will always be here, waiting, with open arms.

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