Celebrate World Emoji Day

July 17 is World Emoji Day! Who would’ve thought that the emoji – yes, the emoji – would have its own worldwide holiday dedicated to it? Some might think it’s silly, and others might treat it as a monumental celebration. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, we think there’s plenty of reason to celebrate. For some people, the emoji has been around since they were ?. For others, they’re still trying to figure out the right ones to use.

Before we explain why we think emojis go great with fitness, you might be surprised by some of these fun emoji facts. We sure were!

  • 5 billion emojis are sent daily – on Facebook Messenger alone!
  • The most used emoji on Twitter? ?. Seems like folks are having a good laugh over there.
  • 86% of all emojis are used by those age 24 or younger.
  • Only 7% of people use the ? as an actual representation of a peach. The other 93%? Let’s just say they’re a big fan of doing squats and lower body exercises
  • There are currently 2,823 emojis available for use on iOS.
  • The 2017 World Emoji Awards determined that the Best New Emoji was the ?.
  • Those same awards handed the Lifetime Achievement award to the ? emoji.

There’s plenty more, if you care to look: https://worldemojiday.com/statistics/. But World Emoji Day got us to thinking. How could our members use them to ask a friend to go to the gym without being too aggressive about it? And similarly, how could we keep our friends accountable, healthy and on the path to achieving their goals?

Well, we took a shot at imagining how a few of those conversations might go. And hey – if you think they’re helpful, give them a shot with your own friends!

You: “Hey! Didn’t see you at the gym yesterday. Had to work late…again? ?”
Your Friend: “Hahaha…?”
You: “?. Let’s go 2nite. Gotta get that cardio in ?‍♀️”
Your Friend: “?Fineeeeeeee. I’ll see you at 6. ✌️”


Your friend: “Bro! ? Tuesday tonight?!”
You: “Man, I want to but I’m trying to stay on my YF grind ?.”
Your friend: “Alright cool. How about I meet you at YF and we go hard on tacos after ? ??”
You: “? ? ?”

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