YOUfit’s support of Equality

Times of unrest and injustice can also produce much-needed reflection and inspire us to take actions that make ourselves and our entire country better. The Youfit community is proud to serve people of all colors. Youfit believes in the power of humanity, and we remain steadfastly committed to the idea that every man, woman and child deserves to be treated equally with compassion and dignity. 

Today, more than ever, we must seek to unite in the struggle for equality and justice for the Black community. When we work together to lift up one community, we all benefit as a people. We must speak out when we see and experience racism. We must take care of each other. We must work vigilantly to create a world where there is more kindness, acceptance and understanding. 

We don’t pretend to have all the answers. But Youfit is committed to being part of the solution. As we continue to reopen our clubs across the country, we remain committed to actively reaching out to and hiring thousands of employees from diverse communities. Youfit will also continue to partner with incredible organizations like Feeding America, which provides desperately needed meals to families suffering from hunger – an affliction disproportionately affecting African Americans. We will continue our internal anti-discrimination trainings and we will listen – to our staff and our members – on further effective, compassionate ways to lift up disenfranchised communities. In too many places, racism has been tolerated for far too long. But together, we can create real, impactful change.

YouCare at Youfit Health Clubs

Youfit Health Clubs’ unwavering dedication to making our members, employees, communities and world both healthier and happier.



We currently have efforts in place at our
 locations to save water, use less paper 
waste and save power. Currently, we
 save millions gallons of water each year.
 It is important to teach our staff and
members that helping our environment 
is crucial.


Instead of providing food for our 
members, we will work to supply food
 to those in need. 43.1 mil Americans currently live in poverty, including
 15 mil. were children under the age of
 18. truth In addition, 42.2 mil Americans
 are living in food-insecure HHs.


Children’s health covers many facets: those who have illnesses, adolescent
 diabetes, lack of education or little to no access to resources. It is our responsibility to not only support our youth who may be facing adversity, but to educate them on how to live healthier.


We are founded on the idea that Youfit 
is “where you fit in”. Fear of being judged or put down for being authentic is an issue we aim to end. By providing a place where we embrace uniqueness and truth we help break social barriers and encourage living your best life.

YouCare at Youfit Health Clubs


Water conservation/environmentally-friendly practices and awareness fits seamlessly with our business as it exists today. Not only do we currently save tons of water a year with our green efforts, we also incorporate eco- friendly practices such as recycling, Big Ass Fans, Nike Grind flooring and minimal paper waste. Our green initiatives are part of what Youfit was founded on which is why our prominent color is green and “Green is our Color” is a core value.


As food directly ties in with overall health and well-being, it makes sense to focus on providing meals to those in need, especially those in our local communities. While Planet Fitness gives away food to their members, we have the opportunity to highlight the fact that we are providing meals to poverty-stricken families. The meals we will help give to those in need will provide families across the nation with the fuel and nutrients they need to maintain a healthy body and mind.


Critically acclaimed organizations such as the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals (MCHF) have established their mark as fantastic organizations to work with, and children’s health remains a passion point for millions of Americans. Our goal will be to provide resources and education to children’s overall health, whether that be children with illnesses or shedding light on the benefits for children to establish a healthy lifestyle in their early years to prevent childhood obesity, diabetes and other health complications.


Youfit, it’s where you fit in. It’s on our walls, on our equipment and the basis to all our communication to our members, employees and community. In order to ensure our message is strong, it’s important for Youfit to partner with organizations that believe being your true self is your best self. Our goal is to encourage everyone we meet to be proud of themselves, and provide them with a place where they are celebrated, empowered and inspired.


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