YouCoach Spotlight: Michael Constantine

We’re big friends of KIND, everyone’s favorite snack brand that believes “if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it shouldn’t go into your body.” You’ve probably got a favorite bar of your own that’s made by KIND (Double Dark Chocolate Nut, anyone?).

Last month, we at Youfit conducted a cross-promotion with them under the theme, “what’s the KIND thing you do for yourself and your body?” It’s a question we should all ask ourselves more often. Jim Rohn once said “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” And that quote resonates especially true when pondering the above.

We interviewed one of our Master YouCoach Personal Trainers from our Dallas Parkway location. Those of you who frequent the location surely know Michael Constantine. And whether you know Michael or not, we think you’ll be delighted to hear his responses to some of the questions that KIND asked of him; about his own story and how he is KIND to himself and others.

Michael is NFPT Sports Nutrition and NFPT Personal Training certified, and his favorite KIND Bar is Strawberry Apple Cherry Chia. But to really get a sense of who he is, when he was asked “Why is it important to be KIND to your body?” he responded with “to be your best.” Show the world your best ‘YOU’ in all areas, by having a good mental outlook and feeling mighty fine physically.

Our ‘KIND’ of guy.

KIND asked him “What three words describe you best and why?”, one of the words he thought of was “efficient.” He went on to explain that being efficient was a major key to his own everyday life. He believes he’s efficient in how he tries “ to take the most intelligent approach that wastes the least amount of time.” Which often times leads him to think ahead of the rest of his day. He mentioned he’s always thinking about how his actions will affect his performance.

It’s a path that we recommend to our own members, who might struggle to find their way through a health and fitness rut. Try to envision how the choice you’re making now might affect the rest of your day. Giving that extra mindful moment might change your behavior for the better.

After all, some of his favorite non-traditional benefits from exercise and a healthy diet includes “feeling present and grounded in my everyday life.”

Michael went on to explain that the keys to his maintenance of a healthy lifestyle includes some basics you’ve probably heard before: a healthy meals throughout the day – starting with a good breakfast, 8 hours of sleep, and lots of water throughout the day. And as to why he felt drawn to the Youfit family?

“The sense of teamwork and community,” he said. When he’s not at Youfit, you can find him practicing martial arts or enjoying the great outdoors camping with friends and family.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. If you’re looking to be the best ‘you’ there is, stop in to visit us as soon as you can. And pick up a FREE gyms pass. Or if you’re really ready to hit the ground running, you could even pick up your first month of a Youfit Health Clubs Membership with the button below.