YouCoach Spotlight: Julio Otarola

When we think of a stand-out #TeamYoufit member, one who comes to mind is Master Youcoach Julio Otarola. A personal training rockstar and soccer enthusiast, you can find him at the weight floor cheering on members at Youfit Miami-79th. Julio is a committed, proactive and reliable member of the Youfit family and we fortunately got the chance to learn more about what drives him to be his best self.

When he’s not scoring goals on the soccer field, you can find Julio meal prepping or working out in the gym because he’s an avid planner who’s all about making fitness a lifestyle. A normal day for Julio starts with planning out his meals for the day so he’s not overeating, thus helping him keep a few extra bucks in his pocket by not going out to buy food at restaurants. “Before I even leave my house, I pack at least 3-4 meals so I’m all set throughout my workday,” Julio says. But don’t get him wrong, he goes all out on his “cheat meal” days! Some kale for good health and a cheeseburger for sanity is a nice balance, right?

Julio also plans out his workout for the day and sometimes even for the whole week! When asked why, he explains that it helps him to keep healthy habits and decisions at the front of his mind and stay on track with his fitness goals. “Structure, dedication and hard work always pays off in anything we do on a daily basis. It isn’t just about the gym, but creating a lifestyle of small wins leading up to your larger goals in any area.” After all, exercise is a marathon, not a race, so you’re only competition is yourself.

One of Julio’s major health goals is being KIND to his body at all times. He suggests treating our bodies as a temple, and by motivating ourselves to spend a couple of hours a week working out we can reduce the risk of almost any illness or injury we can think of. What motivates Julio is how much he can challenge himself in every workout to do better each time. Being KIND to ourselves is a life-long investment that can only benefit us if we stay the course. Julio went on to quote one of his favorite sayings, “Trust the process, trust yourself and everything else will follow.”

We value Julio as part of our awesome Youfit family due to his commitment, his proactive nature, and reliability. “I find it amazing how strangers can become friends simply because we share the same passion for health and fitness.” That’s the Youfit spirit! We want our gyms to be the place where everyone feels welcomed, empowered, comfortable, happy, all of the above and more. To us, every visit is a victory, and that can mean making a new friend while you work out or checking off one of your fitness goals! Having a YouCoach trainer like Julio by your side is sure to be the icing on the cake (mmm…cake in moderation) to make your experience at Youfit the best one yet.

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