YouCoach Spotlight: Katrina

Katrina Iheagwam-Ahante was a college track & field athlete on the rise, running her way to the NCAA Nationals and later testing her strength against runners across the nation at the Nigerian Olympic trials! It wasn’t until after Katrina retired from the track world that she began investing time in health and fitness through another direction, personal training. Her passion for training grew with every client she successfully helped to transform their lives with her “can do” coaching style, which roots from the health regimen she adopted in her college track career.

Let’s dive a little deeper into Katrina’s story, shall we? She allowed our team members to sit and pick her brain in a short interview about how she does the KIND thing for her body.

Speaking with Katrina was a true testament of remaining consistent with self-care of mind, body and spirit. She took us through her every day ritual with a few simple things: morning meditation and reading her daily devotion, eat a healthy breakfast (the first of her 5-6 daily meals), then off to the gym for at least 30 minutes! Her workouts are usually motivated by the thought of being there for her husband and children as long as she can. She’s also inspired by her clients, who work so hard to change their lives from the inside out through fitness and good nutrition.

Katrina defines herself best by three characteristics: driven, hard working and caring. She strives to be her best self in every way possible, and her competitive spirit gives her the extra push to accomplish her goals and take care of her family. It’s second nature for her to transfer these characteristics when coaching clients because she genuinely cares for their overall quality of life. “I have to be an example to my clients and practice what I preach, right?” Katrina says.

She’s so right! How else would our certified YouCoaches build trust with members? If you’re someone who’s just starting their fitness journey, Katrina recommends that you be patient with yourself and stay the course. Fitness is a journey that requires consistency. You have to stick with it and avoid getting caught up with the “fast results” fads, because they won’t take care of YOU in the long run. It’s about feeling better, not weight loss. “Focus on measuring your progress with how much more energy you have to do things that you were not able to do before you started.” You will thank your body and overall health for not quitting!

As a huge enthusiast of being KIND to her body, Katrina takes interest in how exercise and proper nutrition prevents all kinds of health complications. She also emphasized changing up your routine with different ways to stay active, like playing a sport or even hiking through a nature trail. How do you do the KIND thing for your body? We’d love to know!

When asked what is the single most important takeaway she’d give to our Youniverse readers, Katrina made no hesitation to encourage you to set a realistic goal or goals for yourself and strive to achieve that goal no matter how hard it may seem. She urges you, her clients, and others to hold yourself accountable toward your goals. Make small changes that eventually grow into major footsteps along your fitness journey, keep pushing yourself and you will definitely accomplish what you set your heart, mind, and spirit to.

Thanks for sharing with us, Katrina! We appreciate awesome Youfit team members like YOU.