Client Testimonial: Ariana Barron

Before starting at Youfit, Ariana Barron was intimidated by a lot of aspects of gym life. She wanted to tone up, but she wasn’t confident in using free weights, machines, or other gym equipment to get the most out of her workouts. But after joining Youfit, Ariana has improved her confidence and banished all gymtimidation. We’re sharing her inspiring story here.

How Youfit’s Welcoming Environment Helped Ariana Improve Her Health

By now, you know that we’re all about one thing here at Youfit: YOU. We’ve worked to create an environment where anyone can workout comfortably without feeling judged. We want all our members to feel comfortable and ready to make the most of their gym visits without feeling criticized or unwelcome. 

When discussing our team at her local Kendall gym, Ariana said the Youfit team has “always been welcoming and kind and [they] go out of their way to help me when I feel lost with a machine or workout.” She was also happy to see how welcoming everyone else in the gym was, friendly smiles on the treadmills and an easy-to-use free strength area that gave her the confidence she needed to use all the equipment and workout machines she wanted to. “At other gyms, I always felt super intimidated in the free weight section because I could never find the equipment I needed.”

“At Youfit, I always feel welcomed and like no one is judging me,” Ariana added. 

Achieving Goals at Youfit 

Ariana achieved her health and wellness goals with the help of our supportive environment, helpful YouCoaches, and easy to use gym equipment. After working out at her local Youfit for the past year, she has made great progress and is feeling healthier.

“I lost 5 pounds, [I] have more energy, and [I] feel more confident about working out,” she said. 

Ariana’s story shows that fitness is about how you feel. If you feel comfortable where you’re working out, more confident in your abilities, and if you feel like you’ve accomplished something after every workout, then every visit is a victory. Fitness is different for each and every one of us and it’s important to find a gym that gives you the comfortable setting you need for reaching your specific milestones. Whether you’re working out to keep up with your kids, to run a marathon, or to bring in all the groceries in one trip, we’re here to help you reach that goal, just like Ariana did. 

Ariana’s Advice on Getting Started at Youfit 

“Start. Just start. Every day you stay committed is one day closer to reaching your goals,” Ariana encourages. It’s true, you can’t start reaching your goals until you take that first step! Whether it’s signing up for a free gym pass, stopping by group exercise classes, or working out with a YouCoach, everything changes after you take that first step.   

We’re proud of Ariana’s growth with Youfit, and we can’t wait to help her achieve all her health and fitness goals. We also love her favorite quote for motivating her through her gym sessions: All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.