Youfit Challenge – Announcing Our Winner

If you participated in our 60-Day “Better You” Youfit Challenge, you can attest to the last two months being some of the most difficult months of your life — emotionally, mentally and physically. Regardless of what the scale said on April 30 at your final weigh-in, we are proud that you stuck to a commitment that you made for YOU! By participating in the 60-Day Challenge, you made changes on the inside and the outside and bettered yourself.

Our Grand Prize of $5,000, a one-year membership and 15 free YouCoach personal training sessions goes to the member with the highest percent of weight loss, out of all our challengers, as weighed at our final weigh-in.

After compiling stats from all of our locations, we are excited to announce that Tony Spates of 7370 Youfit Boynton Beach has won our Grand Prize. Tony began the challenge weighing 197 and weighed in on April 30 at 136 pounds, losing a total of 31% weight loss. Congratulations on this accomplishment, Tony!

Youfit60Days Winner Tony Spates

Tony Spates’ Transformation Testimonial   

1. What was the toughest part about trying to lose the weight? Any food you love you had to give up?

The toughest part was getting prepared for 2-3 times a day of cardio. Surviving the first 2 weeks of daily workouts was very challenging so it was hard at first developing consistency.

I was a fast food and pizza junkie. My weekend tradition was going to Chick-Fil-a and also ordering Chinese food on Saturday. Sunday was Checkers and a extra cheese pizza from Little Caesars. That’s not counting the other things I would eat throughout the day and week. Also giving up chips and ice cream was a big heart breaker. I wanted to do a cheat day during the challenge, but knew if I did it would have me make more cheat days. So I had to do a complete revamping of my meal intake.

  1. How do you feel now that you’ve lost approximately 31% of your body fat?

I feel incredible. I sleep way better, I am more active and energetic. I did have plantar fasciitis but the stretching and cardio helped to where it hasn’t been an issue.

  1. Is there anything in particular Youfit or a Youfit staff member did to help you get through this?

What I love about Youfit at Boynton Beach is the professionalism, consistency, and friendliness of the staff members during all shifts. Some staff members work 5 am and on other days work an evening shift and are the same friendly person during both times. They are good at naming members that come in and building a relationship. Staff members like Devon, Lauren, Ed, Brandon, Dana, Eugene, Josh, and various others would give words of encouragement and see that i would come in more than once and kept me fired up.

  1. So what’s the secret to winning the 60-Day Weight loss challenge?

A huge key was finding my motivation and of course a lot of prayer. Every time I didn’t feel like waking up early or going in the evening, I remember that my daughter is my motivation. She was the driving force that kept me going. Another was setting goals. Knowing which days to go 2 times and which days to go 3 times along with how many calories I want to burn in each session throughout the day. If I didn’t hit the goal, I would stay until I did. Last would be a special thanks to the staff members of Youfit for the encouragement they give me and everyone as they go through the gym talking to members.

If you didn’t win the grand prize, don’t worry. Each individual club will award their top winner with a one-year membership and five free YouCoach sessions. Below we list all individual club winners. Again, congratulations to all!